10 Construction Safety Tips to Save Your Workers’ Life

10 Construction Safety Tips to Save Your Workers’ Life

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Construction Safety Tips

Guest Post By: Mike Morleye

The construction industry is one of the most dangerous industries as workers are encountered with several accidents. Casualties occur due to workers’ safety avoidance, machinery malfunctions, structural collapse, etc.

To prevent accidents, you must know about the construction safety equipment, but that is not enough. Providing the safety gears like speedy regulators, noise-cancelling headphones, etc. along with training and guidance are equally important. To guide you with this, we have pinned down 10 safety tips which you can implement at your construction sites to save your workers’ life.

Tip #1. Lead a Strong Safety Culture

Leadership can make impossible things possible. By managing, you can show your workers why safety should matter a lot to them? Why safety should be a priority for them? An accomplished safety culture starts from the top and is led, practiced, and promoted whole-heartedly to the bottom.

Great leaders who demonstrate safety by example will influence workers’ behaviour towards health and safety.

Tip #2. Lift Objects Properly

Most of your workers suffer from backaches and sprains because of lifting heavy objects. This is because they don’t know the correct way of lifting weighty items which you can train after reading the blog. The simple and best way to lift heavy objects is by bending the knees, avoiding twisting from side to side. Then positioning one leg in front of the other to balance the body.

Many of your experienced workers must be knowing this trick. While you can train those, who are not aware of this trick.

Tip #3. Stop People Crowding the Area

You must have seen the construction site crowded with a lot of people. Sometimes, people on site gather to watch how the large machinery is being operated. It is not necessary for them, but they just gather for fun. This can lead to a menace.

No doubt, the horn of the vehicle should be used to warn people. But you have to implement as well as timely check a rule for people staying away after listening to the machine’s horn.

Tip #4. Provide Health and Safety Training

Construction workers are an important part of the site and keeping them safe is your duty. As a part of your responsibility, you should be conducting health and safety training for your workers.

You should even make them aware of the risks associated with their actions when working on height. Along with this, you should also provide training to administer basic life-saving techniques and proper usage of the first aid kit.

There are even certain courses for construction workers that are designed to train them on a wide range of skills to use at the site.

Tip #5. Display Clear Signs

Construction sites are considered as the danger zone not only for the workers but also for the public. Therefore, it is important to show up any hazards with signs and posters to warn the nearby public. It is the best way to reduce accidents as it indicates danger like falling objects, the presence of gas or chemicals, etc.

Apart from this, speed humps and bollards would also be effective in shrinking down the accidents. Speed humps at the sites would help vehicles to slow down their speed. Whereas, placing bollards at unsafe places would alert people about the danger.

Tip #6. Make Use of Technology

The world has become so technology friendly that nowadays, every adult owns a mobile phone. You just cannot call or text through smartphones but can get exposure to the whole world through some apps. Amongst them, there is one safety-related app, specially made for construction site workers. It has life-saving features, including a panic button, non-movement alerts, and low battery reminders.

This app is an excellent way to track your workers’ safety whilst working separately.

Tip #7. Make Sure Workers Use the Correct Protective Gear

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As said earlier, just providing them correct protective gear is not enough. You should also give them proper knowledge about its uses, when to wear and how it will protect them from danger, etc. It is essential for the workers to first know and then wear correct personal protective equipment (PPE) relative to the type of their work. PPE includes helmets, knee pads, googles, ear protection, and hi-vis jackets. Also, if it is torn or unfit to wear, it needs to be replaced immediately.

Tip #8. Examine Tools and Equipment Regularly

Machine breakdown can happen anytime, but precaution can be taken by inspecting it regularly. If tools and equipment are unsafe or broken, then major incidents may take place. It should be regularly inspected to ensure that there are no issues or malfunctions.

You should be working on these defective equipment issues immediately as it is your duty to protect lives. Also, pass on the same mantra to your workers to make them more responsible for their own lives.

Tip #9. Keep First Aid Box at the Site

Though some injuries will need high-tech medical assistance, small injuries can be managed with a first aid kit. Small injuries include minor cuts, burns, and grazes. You need to make sure that the kit is properly accessible to the workers. And in case, any first aid supply is missing, passing on the information to the branch is important.

Tip #10. Communicate

In any job, communication plays a vital role. In this industry, it is a major factor in keeping the workers’ safety. The workers should communicate with each other whenever they identify potential on-site risks. You, as a supervisor, should regularly ask your workers regarding their thoughts to make a safer place to work.

Conclusion – Shape a Safety Culture:

Like doctors, you have the responsibility of saving many lives. And that is the greatest duty in the world. With the help of the above guidelines, we are sure you will be able to shape a safety culture at your construction site.

No matter how badly you want to meet your deadlines, safety and health should be your topmost priority. Because to build the world, you need life.

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