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10 Facts About Burglaries That Will Surprise You

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Surprising Facts About Burglaries

We all have preconceived ideas about burglaries. The burglars come in the dead of night and break in through a window, right? Well, no, that’s wrong. Most burglars come during the day and they come in through the front door!

That’s only one fact about burglaries will surprise you. Here are more astonishing facts about burglaries. Plus, a great infographic that summarizes burglary statistics for you.

1. Most Burglars Are In-And-Out in just 8-12 Minutes

Most burglars don’t want to hang around. They are in and out of a property within 8-12 minutes. Burglars are usually looking for small items they can grab. Things like cash, credit cards, jewelry and electronic devices.

This is why it’s always a good idea to keep valuable items out of sight or locked away in a home safe. Anything you can do to delay the burglar will help make sure the thief leaves empty handed.

2. 34% of Burglars Come In through The Front Door

Burglars will find the easiest point of entry, and that is often the front door. In fact, many burglars will knock on the front door before they break in to make sure no one is home.

Do you lock all your doors and windows every time you go out? You should, because 30% of burglars gain entrance to a building through an unlocked door or window.

3. Burglars Avoid Homes That Have Burglar Alarms

Home security systems do work! Statistically, homes that do not have home security systems are 3 times more likely to be broken into. This has been confirmed by the burglars themselves. A survey of convicted burglars found that 60% of burglars avoid homes with alarm systems.

4. Most Burglars Live Nearby Their Victims

Most burglars live within two miles of their targets. If they live nearby, it’s easier for them to watch homes and to learn people’s schedules. They can also watch for when people are away on vacation.

You can help reduce the risk of burglary by not always sticking to the same routine. Also, take steps to make it look your home looks like it is still occupied when you are out, or you go on vacation. Here are some tip on what you can do to keep your home secure while you are away.

5. Burglars Get Away with an Average of $2,416 Worth of property

Even though a burglar may only be in a home for eight minutes, they usually get away with $2,416 worth of property. That may sound like a lot. But, add up the value of things like a laptop, cash, credit cards and jewelry. You can then see how they manage to pocket so much in such a short time.

6. Most Burglaries Occur Between 10am and 3pm

Burglars are more likely to strike when you are at work during the day. Not at night. They choose the daytime because there won’t be many people around in a residential area. And, because they won’t look so suspicious walking down a residential street in daylight.

7. Less Than 15% of Burglaries Result in an Arrest

We would like to think that forensics and other detection methods would soon catch a burglar. But this is rarely the case. Only 13.6% of burglaries ever result in an arrest.

In most cases, it is eye witnesses that are a burglar’s downfall. That’s why having security cameras installed in your home is such an effective deterrent.

8. Students are More Likely to Be Victims of Burglaries Than Anyone Else

Burglars tend to target younger people, like college students. This is likely to be because students will have more electronic devices in their homes. Also, most burglars are under the age of 25. So, they will be more interested in stealing the possessions of people of a similar age.

After students, the most at risk of burglary are the elderly. This is likely to be because seniors are less likely to put up a fight if they catch a burglar in the act. It may also be because there is a greater chance of there being prescription drugs in an older person’s home.

9. 65% of Burglars Are known to Their Victims

It’s awful to think about, but 65% of burglary victims know their burglar. That’s a good reason to be very careful about who you trust and who you let into your home.

10. Most Burglars Are Already Known to The Police

Most burglars are no strangers to the police. They usually already have a record of committing other offenses. Offenses such as assault and drug related offenses.

Knowing the facts about burglaries can help you take the right steps to prevent it. From locking your doors and windows, to installing a home security system, there are lots of things you can do to deter burglars.

Here’s a very useful infographic that illustrates some of the key statistics about burglaries, courtesy of safeatlast:

Burglary Statistics Infographic, Burglary, Burglars, Home Security, Burglary Facts, Burglary Statistics


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