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10 Must-Know Bike Safety Tips for Kids

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Bike Safety Tips for Kids

Kids love the independence that their bikes give them, and the fresh air and exercise that bike riding gives children are good for them as well.

However, kids need to understand that a bike is not a toy; it is a mode of transport. There are rules of the road that must be followed, and there are safety precautions to take.

Falling off your bike is a part of growing up, but cycling injuries can be more severe than a scraped knee. Hundreds of children are treated in emergency departments for bike-related injuries every day.

So, to help you teach your kids to be safe on their bikes, here are ten must-know bike safety tips for kids that parents need to understand.

Bike Safety Facts for Parents

Before we get into our bike safety tips for kids, let’s look at some of the facts about bike accidents involving children. Perhaps the most striking point to be taken away from this infographic by Safe Kids Worldwide is that, even though 11% of bike-related admissions to emergency departments involve serious head injuries, 47% of parents do not think that bike helmets are necessary.

Bike Safety Tips for Kids

We know that many people will already know these critical bike safety tips for kids. Most of these points are simply common sense safety precautions. Even so, just in case you have forgotten your basic bike safety rules, here’s a refresher on how to keep children safe on their bikes.

1. Wear a Bike Helmet that Fits Properly

Kids should always wear a bike helmet when they go out riding their bikes. You can cover a scraped knee with a band-aid, but a head injury could be life-threatening or life-changing.

A child’s bike helmet must fit them properly, too. For more information about how to fit a kid’s bike helmet, visit this guide by the Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles.

2. Make Sure the Bike is the Right Size

If a bike is too big, a child will not be able to control it properly. Bikes are not something that kids should “grow into!” If your child cannot touch the ground with their feet while seated on their bike, the bike is too big for them.

3. Make Sure the Bike is Suitable for the Child’s Ability

When your child first starts riding a bike, they will need to concentrate on staying upright and riding in a straight line. So, don’t buy a first-time bike rider a bike that has complications like multiple gears.

4. Stay in Full Control of the Bike

Teach your child to always be in full control of their bike. They should always have at least one hand on the handlebars, preferably both. If your child wants to carry any items with them when they ride their bike, those items should be taken in a backpack or a bike carrier. And remember, a bike is only made to carry one person at a time!

5. Be Seen

Kids should wear bright clothes when they are riding a bike so that other road users can see them. Bright neon colors are best, or you can get kids reflective vests to make your child more visible.

Young kids should avoid riding their bikes after it gets dark. Older kids that may ride their bikes at night must have suitable bike lights and reflectors fitted to their bikes.

6. Keep the Bike in Good Repair

Teaching a child at an early age to keep their bike in good repair will get them into good habits. They may need help if anything on the bike needs fixing, but a bicycle should be checked over before it is ridden. The crucial things to check are that the tires are properly inflated, the brakes look Ok, and the chain is fitted correctly.

7. Children Under 10 Years Old Should Ride on the Sidewalk

The age that kids will be ready to ride their bikes on the road will vary. As a rule, though, kids under the age of ten years old should ride on the sidewalk. Young children should always walk their bikes through intersections.

8. Look left, Look Right, Look Left Again

When kids come to an intersection, they must stop, look left, look right, look left again, and then only cross the street only when there is no traffic coming.

9. Be Alert and be Courteous

Whether kids are riding their bikes on the sidewalk or are old enough to ride on the road, cyclists must always stay alert. Look ahead or potential dangers and be aware of nearby traffic. It is also good practice to teach kids to be courteous to other road users and pedestrians.

10. Obey the Rules of the Road

When kids are proficient enough to ride their bikes on the street, they must be taught to obey the rules of the road. Learning to stop at stop signs and obey traffic signals will be good practice for when they move up to driving a car.


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