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10 Reasons Why You Should Take Self-Defense Classes

Last Updated on March 29, 2021

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Self-Defense Classes

The most obvious reason that you need to take self-defense classes is so that you can learn how to defend yourself.

But whether you take physical self-defense classes, or you subscribe or online self-defense lessons, there are many other benefits of learning self-defense.

Here are ten benefits of taking self-defense classes that you may not have thought about before now.

1. Improves Physical Fitness

Whatever level of physical fitness you are at now, you will be able to find a self-defense course that will suit you. And self-defense classes will improve or help you maintain your fitness level. Self-defense training teaches you techniques that will allow you to defend yourself against attackers. Learning these techniques will give you a good workout and improve your agility. Training will also improve your reflexes and improve your mental strength.

2. Builds Self-Confidence

When you are confident that you can protect yourself, you will be more self-confident in most things that you do in life. You will find that self-defense classes give you a more positive outlook on life, and they will make you feel more confident when you take on new challenges.

3. Develops a Can-do Attitude

Self-defense training will help develop the survival instinct in you. You will no longer feel like a potential victim. Instead, you will begin to realize that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. When you know that you can defend yourself against physical violence, you feel more able to cope with all types of confrontation.

4. Helps You Set New Goals

Once you have the goal to learn how to defend yourself, and then found out that you can achieve proficiency in self-defense, you will be ready for the next target. Learning self-defense can help improve your drive and ambition in every aspect of your life.

5. Improves Poise and Balance

One of the unexpected benefits of taking self-defense classes will be the improvement in your poise and balance. All types of fighting require balance, so whatever type of self-defense course you take, part of what you will learn will be how to balance your body in preparation for fighting back. The combination of improved balance and greater self-confidence will show in how you walk and how you hold yourself.

6. Develop Self-Discipline

Self-defense techniques are not learned overnight. You will need to practice the moves before you become proficient. You will discover that the motivation and dedication that you apply to your self-defense lessons can be used in other aspects of your life. That new-found self-discipline will help you achieve more in everything you do.

7. Enhances Street Sense

The best self-defense classes will teach you to be more aware of your surroundings and how to recognize potential dangers. Self-defense is not all about fighting back; it is also about avoiding and de-escalating dangerous situations. If your new-found street sense helps you navigate your way out of only one dangerous situation, your money will have been well spent.

8. Teaches Self-Respect

Whether you learn a martial art, or you take a reality self-defense training class, knowing how to defend yourself will bring you a new level of self-respect. This self-respect will also extend to respect and trust for other people as well.

9. Improves Your Reflexes

During your self-defense classes, you will learn and practice how to react to certain situations and to anticipate moves that an assailant may make. In time, these reactions will become second nature. Honing your natural reflexes will help you speed up your responses to all kinds of situations. The fighting instinct that you will learn will help make you a more decisive person.

10. Enhances Your Sense of Well-Being

To suggest that self-defense classes will have a profound effect on your general sense of well-being might sound a little over the top. But when you consider the impact that all the above points will have, you can see how wide-reaching the benefits of taking self-defense can be. If you take self-defense classes, you will be able to walk around confident in the knowledge that you can protect if you need to. That alone will make you feel a lot better about yourself and your life.


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