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10 Space Heater Safety Tips That Will Save Your Loving Home From Fire

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Space Heater Safety Tips

Guest Post By: The Blazing Home

When winter knocks at your door, the first thing you may think is to increase the temperature of your house’s heat. Of course, you can raise the temperature of the central heating system of your house. But, if you don’t need to heat your entire home, you can quickly go for a space heater option. These heaters are specially designed to heat only one room instead of working on the whole house.

But, do you know electric space fireplaces/heaters are one of the main reasons for a house fire? According to an online report, if a space heater is the main reason for the fire, 86% of the time, it will cause deaths, and 76% of the time, it will result in severe injury to the people of the house.

That is why you must follow some safety tips when you are using a space heater. This exclusive article will give you 10 space heater safety tips that will save your loving home from fire.

10 Space Heater Safety Tips

There is no denying that space heaters will help you survive on a tough cold night, and they can bring comfort again in your life. There are quite a few options when you need to choose a space heater. But, you must follow these safety tips to avoid any injuries or house fire regardless of the brand and type of space heater.

1. Check the Cords Carefully:

The first safety tip for you is to check the cord of the space heater carefully. You have to make sure that there are no cracks in the cord, and the plug is working correctly. You should also check the extension cord that is used for the space heater. Check that connection is perfect and secured.

In many cases, electrical fire hazards occur from a loose connection of cord or plug. Never use a frayed or damaged plug and cord with your space heater.

2. Never Leave Space Heater Unattended:

Another important thing you must do is never leave the space heater unattended. That means you should always turn off the space heater if you go outside of the room. Besides, while sleeping, you must turn it off again to ensure maximum safety.

If you have any pets or kid, please keep them away from the space heater to avoid awkward situations. It will be a good practice to make a kid-free zone to install the space heater. Never use a heater in your kid’s room. Otherwise, the consequence may be so dangerous.

3. Plug Directly into the Outlet:

Using an extension cord or even a power strip is lousy practice, especially when it comes to space heaters’ safety measures. Because there are high chances of overheating, which may end up causing a house fire.

4. Maintain Proper Distance:

You should never overlook this. It is highly mandatory to maintain a safe distance between your space heater and other flammable things. So, whether rugs, cloths, or papers, you should always keep them away from the heater.

5. Never Put the Space Heater on a Countertop:

It is another silly mistake that most people do and at the end of the day, leading to a severe accident. You should never put your heater on a countertop.

Because if the heater accidentally drops from there, it can cause a severe accident. However, if you think that your heater is specially designed to put on the countertop, you can only do it.

6. Never Use Gas or Oil Burning Space Heaters in House:

You should avoid using gas space heaters indoors because it can increase Carbon monoxide in your house, which is harmful to your health. Gas heaters are also highly susceptible to causing the fire. Try to use gas heaters in the outside facilities like tents or any other open spaces.

7. Consider the Safety Features in the Space Heater:

Always look for whether the space heater comes with useful safety features of not. The essential safety features are tip-over switch, touch sensor, and overheat sensor. These are highly important when it comes to preventing the heater from being overheated.

8. Install Essential Alarms:

Never forget to install all of the necessary alarms to ensure your house’s proper safety when using a space heater. For instance, install a good quality smoke alarm to protect the home from fire. You also need to install carbon monoxide alarms to know this dangerous gas level in your home.

9. Purchase only UL Listed Space Heaters:

Here are other essential tips for you. You should only buy the UL listed heaters with a “UL” mark on the level. Because this level will tell you that this heater is already tested for safety.

10. Never Use A Heater in Wet or Damp Area:

The last but not the least important thing is you should never use an electric space heater in any damp or wet area like a bathroom or humid basement unless it is specially designed for that purpose.

Because it will increase the risk of electrification of the water and can cause a severe accident, you should never touch a heater with wet hands to avoid any awkward a dangerous situation.

Final Words

There is no doubt that a space heater is a pretty good option to make your room warm and fight with the cold. Especially, in a cold environment, a space heater will give you enough comfort in your house. That said, you should not overlook the safety procedures for a space heater because a simple accident can turn your happy moments into a nightmare.

In this article, I discussed everything you should do to ensure the proper safety of your house. I hope it helps you know what you should do to prevent any incident that can cause a dangerous house fire. Always try to check that your fire alarm is working correctly. I wish you all the happy and safe moments in your house.

Image source:Tony Webster from Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States / CC BY

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