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10 Swimming Pool Safety Rules for Kids

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Swimming Pool Safety Rules for Kids

A home swimming pool is great for the kids. If you have a backyard pool, your kid’s can enjoy the sun with their friends. It’s also a great way to keep children active.

However, having a home pool is a big responsibility. The safety of your kids and visitors to your pool is all down to you.

We covered the basics of pool safety in our Home Swimming Pool Safety Tips post. In this post we are going to look at pool safety rules to set for your kids and their friends.

If you have a backyard pool and children swim in it, here are ten swimming pool safety rules for kids that you should know.

1. Don’t Go in the Pool Without an Adult Present

Kids must be supervised all the time they are in a pool. It is very important that children know that they are not allowed in the pool unless there is an adult present. This is the big pool safety rule that kid’s must never break.

2. No Running

The area around a pool will get wet and it will get slippery. Even if you have non-slip paving around the pool, there is still danger that a child could slip and fall.

This is going to be a difficult pool safety rule for kids to follow. When they get excited, they are going to forget this one. It’s better, though, to be a bit of a killjoy and insist there is no running at all. That would be much better than it would be for a child to have an accident.

3. No Diving

Most home pools aren’t deep enough for diving. Also, if there are lots of kids playing in the pool, there is the danger of one child diving onto another child. The best option here is to have a blanket no diving rule.

4. No Infants or Toddlers in the Jacuzzi

Jacuzzis can get too hot for very young children. If kids sit in one for too long, it will make them overheat. Set a pool safety rule that no kids under the age of six are allowed in the Jacuzzi. Also, turn down the heat in your hot tub when there are kids around.

5. No Glass in The Pool Area

When the kids want to cool down with an iced drink, make sure they have a plastic cup drink from, not a glass. It’s easy to slip and drop a glass by the pool. Then, it won’t be easy to make sure you have picked up all the small shards of glass. So, no glass near the pool needs to be one of your pool safety rules for kids.

6. Don’t Leave Toys by the Side of the Pool

Toys scattered around the edge of the pool are going to be a trip hazard. Tell kids not to leave toys lying around. Put them away when they have finished with them. The rule should be to keep the area around the pool clear of all obstacles.

7. Stay Away from Drains and Pool Outlets

No swimming to the bottom of the pool and sticking your fingers in the pool drain! Kid’s Fingers can get trapped in small openings in swimming pools. Even when the pool is well maintained.

8. Tell an Adult if Something is Wrong

If a child has concerns about anything while they are in a pool, they should tell an adult straight away. This includes telling an adult if they don’t feel well. If a child falls ill while swimming, it could be very dangerous. Be especially aware of this on very hot days when there is a risk of kids getting heat stroke.

9. No Going Down the Pool Slide Head First

If you have a pool slide, then you will need to be extra careful. Kid’s should check that no one is swimming under the slide before they go down it. They should also only go down the slide feet first. Sliding down a pool slide head first onto another child could have catastrophic results.

10. Tell an Adult When you Leave the Pool

Finally, to avoid any missing kid panics, children should tell an adult when they leave the pool. If you know where the kids are, you can keep an eye on them and keep them safe.


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