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10 Tips on How to Make Your Neighborhood Safer

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Neighborhood Safety Tips

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Letting the kids play outdoors is impossible in some neighborhoods. In fact, even coming home from work in the dark can be a frightening experience. But when the neighborhood pulls together, that can change. It is possible to make a neighborhood a safer place to live in. It’s not only the responsibility of the police to make our neighborhoods safe. The community has a big part to play as well. Here are some neighborhood safety tips to help you make your neighborhood safer.

1. Get to Know Your Neighbors

Do you know the names of your neighbors? If you don’t, you aren’t alone. 75% of Americans don’t know the names of the people living next door to them. The first step to a safer neighborhood is to introduce yourself to the people who live near you. People who know each other will look out for each other. So, or organize a fun event, like a block party, and start to build some community spirit.

2. Start a Neighborhood Watch Program

Neighborhood watch programs are very effective in deterring crime. They establish a structure for your crime-fighting efforts. They also foster a better relationship with the local police. If there isn’t already a neighborhood watch program in your area, it’s not too difficult to start one. There are plenty of resources to refer to, and the local police department will help you as well.

3. Organize a Community Cleanup

Cleaning up the area will deter crime and it will make residents feel safer. If you have graffiti on walls and litter in the street, it looks bad. It makes the neighborhood look uncared for. Community cleanups are great for getting to know your neighbors. It would be a great step towards making everyone care for the neighborhood a little bit more.

4. Clean Up Your Yard

A well-kept yard tells people that someone cares about the property they live in. If you have taken the time to keep your yard well-maintained, you won’t be the type of person to turn a blind eye to crime. If all the yards on the street look great, it will deter criminals. It shows that the community cares about where they live.

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5. Improve Lighting in the Street

Improving lighting in the street will make crime and anti-social behavior less likely. Residents can do this by installing lights outside their homes. Even leaving all the porch lights on in a street would have a big impact. It makes the neighborhood look more lived in and active. If you don’t want to waste electricity, you could install motion-activated security lights.

6. Keep Valuable Items Out of Sight

Many burglaries are opportunistic. Someone sees something of the value through the window of a home and decides to steal it. So, keep valuable items out of sight and locked up. Don’t leave valuable items, like bikes, outside your home. If valuable items are visible in a neighborhood, it will attract thieves to the area.

7. Report Suspicious Behavior to the Police.

A neighborhood watch program will have a procedure for contacting the police. If there isn’t a program in your area, don’t be backward about reporting suspicious behavior to the police. If you see anything suspicious, call your local police department. Reporting things to the police will send a clear message to criminals. It will tell them that your neighborhood does not tolerate crime.

8. Install Security Cameras

Security cameras will help to protect your home and your neighbors’ homes. There have been many occasions where security cameras have helped police identify criminals. Imagine if most homes in your street had security cameras. Thieves wouldn’t feel safe breaking into any home in your neighborhood.

9. Spend More Time Outdoors

Whenever you are outdoors in your neighborhood, you are deterring crime. Spend some time relaxing on your porch, go for walks, and spend some time talking to your neighbors. If the neighborhood is buzzing with activity, criminals know they will get seen. That will be enough to prevent them from committing a crime in your area.

10. Publicize Your Community Safety Efforts

When you have a cookout or a community cleanup, make sure that your community safety efforts are well-publicized. If you have a local watch scheme, put up some neighborhood watch signs. Don’t forget to tell the local press about your community safety efforts as well. The more people are aware of your community safety initiatives, the safer your neighborhood will become.


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