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10 Tips to Survive a Heatwave

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Tips to Survive a Heatwave

Well, the last twelve months of living with COVID haven’t been much fun, have they? But, thankfully, now that the vaccine rollout is in full swing and summer is upon us once again, perhaps we can get out enjoy ourselves again.

But, although the summer is a great time of year, there are still the heatwaves to contend with. And, unfortunately, climate change may mean that short periods of extreme heat may become more common.

Heatwaves often catch people out, especially in areas where high temperatures are not all that common. It can be all too tempting to go rushing out into the hot Sun ill-prepared. And then people get a dose of heatstroke and wish they’d stayed indoors.

Sadly, a heatwave can cause more than a touch of sunburn and heatstroke. It has been estimated that some 1,300 people die in the US every year due to extreme heat. So, here are some tips to survive a heat wave to help you and your family get through the next heatwave unscathed.

1. Hydrate

Drink plenty of water in a heatwave even when you do not feel thirsty. You lose far more water in hot weather because you sweat more, even when you are not exerting yourself. And, if you become dehydrated, you will get a headache, feel tired and dizzy, and it could ultimately lead to heat exhaustion. So, keep your glass topped up with H2O when you are at home, and carry a refillable bottle of water with you are out. Of course, you knew this one already, but it’s easy to forget these things when you are in the midst of an unexpected heatwave.

2. Go Easy on the Alcohol and Coffee

Drinking a cold beer in the Sun sounds like an excellent idea. But alcohol dehydrates you, as does coffee. So, don’t go overboard with alcoholic or caffeinated drinks during a heatwave, or your body will become even more dehydrated. Instead, pace yourself throughout the day, And have a glass of water between alcoholic drinks.

3. Wear Loose-fitting, Lightweight Clothing

Avoid wearing tight-fitting, heavy clothing during a heatwave because you need the air to circulate around your body to remove some of the heat. Clothing made of natural fibers, like linen or cotton, is best because it allows your skin to breathe and the moisture to get out. Choosing light-colored clothing will also help because it will reflect some of the Sun’s heat.

4. Stay Out of the Sun During the Hottest Part of the Day

If you can, it is best to stay indoors during the hottest part of the day, which is between 10 am and 4 pm. Or, if you want to enjoy the hot weather outdoors, try to find some shade during these hours, and avoid exerting yourself too much.

5. Buy a Portable Air Conditioning Unit

If you don’t have air conditioning in your home and live in an area prone to heatwaves, you might want to consider investing in a portable air conditioner. Even if you only use a mobile AC unit once a twice a year, you will be glad you had the foresight to purchase one!

6. Close Curtains and Blinds

It may seem a shame to shut out the fantastic weather. But closing the curtains and blinds will help keep the heat outside. You can open the curtains and windows to get some fresh air when the sun sets, and it cools down a bit.

7. Eat smaller Meals

You will feel a lot more comfortable during hot weather if you eat smaller meals. It will also help to keep you hydrated if you eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. So the best thing to do during a heatwave is to eat smaller light meals more often.

8. Cool Off in Public Buildings

If you are out and feel the heat getting the better of you, dive into a public building to cool off. The shopping malls, libraries, movie theatres, etc., will have air conditioning. So, ten minutes of sheltering in one of these cool havens will bring your body temperature back down again.

9. Never Leave Pets or Kids in a Hot Vehicle

Please don’t leave pets or children in a car during a heatwave. Even if you leave a window cracked open, the temperature inside a vehicle will rapidly soar on a hot day. And remember, you might think that you will be a minute or two in the store. But what if there is a long line at the checkouts? Or you can’t quickly find the item you wanted? Kids and pets can die in a hot car, so it’s not ever worth taking the risk.

10. Check on Vulnerable Family and Friends

Extreme heat can affect the sick and elderly more than other people. Indeed, some people may not want to venture out for supplies during extremely hot weather. So, don’t forget to check in on vulnerable friends and family during a heatwave to see if they need any assistance.


So, there you have it; our top ten tips to survive a heatwave. The most crucial thing to take away from the above is that hot weather can be dangerous, especially if you are not accustomed to the heat. So, it is best to take extra care in the sun when there is a heatwave.

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Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay.