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12 Tips for a Safe Night Out in The Big City

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Tips for a Safe Night Out

Nights out in the city are great fun. But you need to keep your wits about you, and you need to stay safe. Some people may not be as friendly and trustworthy as they may first seem. And it’s best to steer clear of trouble if it starts.

Still, we don’t want to put you off enjoying yourself. If you use your head, there is no reason why a night out in the city shouldn’t be trouble-free. Here are twelve tips to ensure you have a great night out and get home safe and sound.

1. Prepare Before You Leave Home

A little bit of preparation before you leave home could save you a lot of hassle later. Make sure your phone is fully charged, for example. If you need cash, use an ATM during the day before setting out rather than getting money out at night. Check that you have your kyes and ID and carry them in a safe place. And avoid the temptation of having few pre-party drinks because you might regret doing so later.

2. Plan Ahead

You may not yet have decided on where you will be going. But it is best to tell someone you are going out, the area you are going to visit, and when you expect to be home. It will also help if you know how you are going to get home. So, plan transportation to and from your destination before you go out.

3. Go with Friends

There is always safety in numbers. So, go with friends when you have a night out in a city, especially an unfamiliar town. Agree with your friends to watch out for each other. And have a location that you will meet if you get separated. Most importantly, don’t leave one of the group behind when you go home unless you are 100% certain they are safe and can get home by themselves.

4. Stay in Well-Lit Busy Areas

The busy, well-lit areas in cities are generally the safest. However, the unsafe areas can sometimes only be one side street away. If you take a turn and notice the crowds are thinning, it would be best to turn back straight away.

5. Drink Responsibly

Know your limits with alcohol. If you feel like you have had enough to drink, you probably have, so give it a break for a while. If you get drunk, you may do things that you would not have otherwise done. You may also get separated from your friends and wander into a dangerous neighborhood. Pace yourself on a night out, and you will enjoy the evening far more, too. You don’t want to be the one who makes a spectacle of themselves on the night.

6. Be Respectful to Other People

One of the best ways to avoid confrontation on a night out is to show respect to anyone you meet. If you accidentally bump into someone, for example, apologize and walk away. If you approach someone who tells you they don’t want to talk to you, respect their wishes. And try not to lose your temper if someone disrespects you. You are out to have a good time, not to get involved in a fight over something trivial.

7. Walk Away from Trouble

Stay alert and walk away from trouble if you see it coming. For example, if you see a group of people arguing, that could escalate into something more serious. So, it would be best to move on somewhere else and not allow yourself to become a part of the situation. It is usually best not to try to intervene in any trouble, too. Call the police instead or tell the venue’s security staff that someone needs help.

8. Carry a Self-Defense Device

Carry a personal attack alarm or another type of self-defense device, especially if you are on your own. But, if you want to carry something like a pepper spray or stun gun, make sure that such devices are permitted in the area and the venues you are planning to visit. And of course, never use a self-defense weapon in anger or when it is not necessary.

9. Watch Your Drinks

Never leave your drink unattended when you are in bars or a club. If you do, someone might spike your drink when you are not looking. Always order your own drinks and watch the bartender pour the drink. If you need to visit the restroom, leave your drink with a trusted friend, or get a fresh one when you get back.

10. Travel Safely

Only use licensed cabs. If you travel by bus, subway, or train, try to sit where there are plenty of other passengers. If you use a rideshare service like Uber, take steps to ensure that the car picking you up is the car you ordered. If you do intend to use an Uber, you might like to read our rideshare safety tips.

11. Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Belongings

Keep your valuables hidden, and keep a watchful eye on any bags you are carrying. If you are taking a bag, it would be best to keep it in front of you, not over your shoulder. And avoid flashing too much cash around. It is best to keep your money in several different pockets. Then, if you are pickpocketed, you will still have some cash left to get you home.

12. Be Risk Aware

The last of our tips for a safe night out is to try to consider the risks involved before you take any action when you are on a night out. Following someone you have just met to some unknown destination, for example, would not be a wise move. But it might seem a perfectly reasonable proposition after you have had a few drinks. So, try to check yourself before you do anything out of character. And try to give sound advice to friends that might be about to do something risky. In other words, stop and think before you act. You don’t want to be the killjoy on a night out, but there is no harm in being the one who is risk-aware.


Everyone has missed a good night out during the coronavirus pandemic. But, hopefully, we shall all be able to enjoy ourselves safely again soon. But when you do get to hit the big city again, please do be careful.

We hope that you have found these tips for a safe night out helpful. We are sure that you have been told all the above before, but a little reminder might make your next night out safer. If you think anyone else might benefit from reading our tips, please share this post on social media. Thanks.

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