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12 Tips on How to Stay Safe at College Parties

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Stay Safe at College Parties

When you are at college, you will no doubt want to enjoy the college parties. You should be able to have fun and enjoy yourself, but you also need to keep yourself safe. There has been a worrying increase in assaults on college students in recent years. And, many of those assaults are linked to the consumption of alcohol. No one has the right to take advantage of you because you have drunk too much. No one can lay any blame on you if you are taken advantage of. Even so, it is only sensible to take steps to protect yourself when you are attending parties while at college, or at any other time. Here are 12 tips on how to stay safe at college parties.

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1. Eat Before You Go Out

It’s never a good idea to drink on an empty stomach. If you do, you will get drunk faster and you are likely to feel unwell. Make a point of eating a good meal before you go to a party. The food will slow the rate at which you begin to feel the effects of the alcohol.

2. Charge Your Phone

Make sure that your phone is fully charged before you go to a party. Your phone will be your lifeline if need to contact someone in an emergency. You can also use your phone to call a friend if you simply need to get yourself out of an awkward situation. Don’t assume that your half-charged battery will last you the night. Play it safe and charge your phone fully before you go out.

3. Go in a Group and Stay in a Group

Avoid going to parties alone. Go with at least one friend, and preferably go in a group. If you go to parties in a group, you will be able to watch out for each other. Being in a group will also make it much harder for someone to convince you to do something that you might later regret.

4. Consider Carrying a Self Defense Product

Consider carrying a self-defense tool with you when you are going to be out late. The simplest option is to carry a personal alarm with you. Other options include pepper sprays and stun guns, but only if your college allows these devices on campus. You will find more advice on self-defense products for college students here.

5. Select a Designated Driver

If you are going to be driving to a party, choose a designated driver who won’t be drinking that night. Never drive drunk, and never get into a car being driven by someone who is drunk. The safest way to get home after a party is to be driven by a responsible designated driver.

6. Never Leave Your Drink Unattended

Don’t put your drink down and then go back to it. If you leave your drink unattended, someone may spike it. Drink spiking is more common than you may think. Sometimes people spike drinks because they think it is funny. Sometimes people have more sinister reasons for spiking drinks. Whatever the reason, it’s not something that you want to happen to you.

7. Don’t Accept Drinks From Strangers

Don’t accept drinks if you are offered them by someone you don’t know. If someone wants to get you a drink, go to the bar with them and get it from the bartender. Even when you are getting a drink for yourself, you should watch the drink all the time. It only takes a second for someone to slip something into a glass.

8. Don’t Take Anything Anyone Offers You

Don’t take any pills or any other substances, even if someone assures you that they are safe. Whatever anyone tells you, drugs are not safe, and they can cause long-lasting phycological damage.

9. Only Carry the Essentials With You

Only take what you will need for the night to a party. Things do get lost at parties and sometimes things get stolen as well. Take ID, your health insurance card, your phone, and some emergency cash. And, take your keys or any passes that you will need to get into your dorm. Much more than that and you are likely to regret having to carry it around with all night long.

10. Know Your Limits

Know how many drinks you can handle, and then stick to that limit. Getting drunk is not only a safety issue, but it will also make you feel awful as well. Try alternating between drinking alcoholic drinks and a glass of water. A glass of water between alcoholic drinks will help keep you sober, and it will help prevent a hangover the next morning.

11. Remember That Photos and Videos Might Get Published on the Web

Remember that people will have their phones with them at the party. So, if you do anything outrageous, you could become a viral sensation! Images and videos published on the web get shared. So don’t do anything that you don’t want your friends and family to see you doing!

12. Don’t Walk Home by Yourself

Finally, don’t walk home by yourself and don’t leave any of your friends behind. Even college campuses are not safe after dark. If you do get separated from your friends, call them and arrange to meet them before you all set off home. If you do find yourself alone late at night, call campus security and ask them to escort you back to your dorm. And, never go home with a stranger. If you want to meet someone you met at the party again, give them your phone number or arrange to meet them in a safe place another day.


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