Ladybug Personal Alarm Key Chain for Kids, Personal Alarm for Kids, Personal Alarm for Women

130dB Ladybug Personal Alarm Key Chain

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Ladybug Personal Alarm Key Chain for Kids, Personal Alarm for Kids, Personal Alarm for Women

Ladybug Personal Alarm Keychain

A wonderful looking Ladybug Personal Alarm. 130dB alarm Siren. Ripcord pin activation. Built-in LED flashlight. This is a great personal alarm for kids or for anyone who loves ladybugs!

This very popular ladybug keychain alarm is a great self-defense alarm for children and it makes a lovely alarm keychain char for hanging for your handbag too.



Loud, 130dB Ladybug Personal Alarm

The 130DB Ladybug Personal Alarm Key Chain combines utility with a very cute sense of style. It’s an effective SOS alarm for young children (or adults if you take a shine to the adorable ladybug design).

This ladybug personal alarm is loud enough to attract the attention of anyone nearby. It will scare an attacker away fast. But, it is not so loud that it will hurt your ears or impact your ability to function once you’ve activated it.

Cute Ladybug Alarm Keychain with Flashlight

This cute ladybug alarm keychain also features a built-in flashlight. You can use it for added safety when walking at night, or for locating things in small or dark spaces. The light is also very bright. It can function as a self-defense weapon itself. Shine it in an attacker’s eyes, and it will dazzle them long enough for you to get away to a safer location.

Practical Ladybug Fashion Accessory

The ladybug design of this alarm keychain makes it a fun yet practical fashion accessory. It is small and inconspicuous enough to not draw attention to itself. The small size of this keychain also makes it very easy to take with you anywhere. It fits into any pocket, even when attached to your keys.

The Ladybug Personal Alarm is a great choice if you want a personal alarm that is very effective. It’s also small and unnoticeable when not in use. It’s a very, very cute personal alarm!

We have lots of cute personal alarms for you that are ideal for kids and grownups alike. Check out our Best Personal Alarms for Kids Reviews to see more!


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