130db Mini Dolphin SOS Panic Alarm for Kids, Personal Alarm for Kids, Personal Alarm for Women, Bear Gentleman Personal Alarm

130dB Mini Dolphin Personal Alarm

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Dolphin Personal Alarm, 130db Mini Dolphin SOS Panic Alarm for Kids, Personal Alarm for Kids, Personal Alarm for Women, Bear Gentleman Personal Alarm

Dolphin Personal Alarm Keychain

A lovely cute Dolphin Personal Alarm. The Dolphin Keychain Alarm is pin activated. It has a loud 130dB alarm siren. It comes with a free GPS location app.

This is a very nice-looking dolphin personal alarm keychain. It would look great hanging from a handbag, backpack or school bag.

The Dolphin Personal Alarm is perfect if you want a personal alarm that is effective. It also has a fun and very likeable design.



Cute, but Powerful 130dB Self-Defense Alarm

The dolphin personal alarm is notable for its very powerful 130dB alarm siren. The sound of this alarm will carry quite a distance. It will also continue to sound between twenty to forty minutes when it activated.

Easy Keychain-Pin Activation

You activate the alarm when you pull the keychain pin from the alarm. You must be very firm and precise when re-inserting the pin to de-activate the alarm. This is so that an attacker would have difficulty in silencing the alarm. It increases your odds of attracting help or escaping.

Easy to Carry Cute Dolphin Personal Alarm

This dolphin personal alarm features a lovely dolphin-shaped design. It is suitable for boys and girls of any age. The keychain alarm is also small, allowing you to attach it to a purse, backpack, or set of keys.

Free GPS Location App Included

This dolphin personal alarm keychain comes with a companion smart-phone app. This app has no direct connection to the activation of the alarm. It can work well in tandem with the alarm, though, should you find yourself in a dangerous situation. You can first trigger the alarm to distract an attacker and escape. Then, you can use the phone app to alert your friends and family of your whereabouts if you need help.

The Mini Dolphin Personal Alarm is a great choice of personal alarm. It’s a self-defense device that is powerful and effective. It’s lovely dolphin design makes it look like a cute charm that you can hang from a bag.

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