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5 Reasons to Choose Wireless Camera for Your Security

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Reasons to Choose Wireless Camera for Your Security

Guest Post By: Phoebe Lambert

Today, the need for security measures to protect our belongings and loved ones has become inevitable. But fortunately, technology has enabled us to create robust security systems.

Take the example of a CCTV(closed-circuit television) that enables us to oversee our homes and business establishments even from a very far distance. When it comes to CCTV, there are two main types of cameras:

  1. Wired Security cameras
  2. Wireless security cameras

A wired security camera is a traditional CCTV camera that uses a wire to transmit audio and video information to the central hub or receiver. The receivers are usually Digital Video Receivers that store the data. A wireless camera does not require a wire to transmit information.

Today, wireless security cameras have taken over from traditional cameras. You can get a series of wireless devices, including wireless cameras from some wireless intruder alarms suppliers. In this article, we will shed some light on the importance of wireless cameras.

What is a Wireless Security Camera?

A wireless camera is a closed-circuit television camera that works differently from a traditional or wired CCTV camera. A wireless security camera sends audio and video information to a wireless receiver through signals. However, by a wireless camera, it does not mean that it is void of wires.

Like a traditional camera, it requires a wire for the power supply. However, if the wireless camera works on the battery-assisted power supply, it can truly become a wireless camera.

Wireless cameras are a bit expensive than traditional cameras, but their cost is worth it because they offer a wide range of smart features alongside monitoring. It is why a wireless camera is referred to as a smart camera. Being a smart camera, it offers features such as face tag, motion sensor, remote access, communication, cloud storage, and GPS and geofencing.

How Does It Work?

A wireless security system sends the video to the receiver through Radio (RF) signals. The camera’s video is transmitted to the receiver that has an inbuilt storage system or cloud storage. The smart camera can be accessed through an app on a smartphone or computer. Also, it can be integrated with other smart features to enhance its functionality. You can access, monitor, and send instructions to the smart CCTV camera while sitting remotely. The work of wireless security cameras is simple and smart and allows its users to ensure security round the clock.

Benefits of The Wireless Camera:

A wireless camera is very flexible in terms of physical installation and settings. Firstly, you can locate and relocate the wireless security system whenever you want. It is because it is void of long obtrusive wires running across walls and floor. It is very easy to fix and reposition a wireless security camera, whether it has one wire for the power supply or has no wire.

Secondly, when you buy a wireless camera, you are not tied to use its inbuilt settings. You have the opportunity to tailor its settings according to your requirement and add as many features to it as you want. For example, by integrating it to the smart feature as Amazon Alexa, you can control and access the camera feed instantly. Therefore, you can integrate your smart security camera with other smart features under your requirements.


One of the best things about the wireless security camera that distinguishes it from other traditional cameras is easy accessibility. The smart CCTV can connect to an app that you can download and install on your smartphone or computer. With the app, you can access, control, and monitor the CCTV camera, no matter where you are. When the smart CCTV camera detects any suspicious activity happening on the premises, it immediately sends the notification to the app through the internet. The instant alert system of the smart CCTV camera enables the users to take immediate and useful actions on time.

Motion Sensor:

Inarguably, the best feature that fascinates most security enthusiasts is its ability to detect suspicious actions and motion. The highly susceptible motion sensors in the wireless security camera enable it to sense the motion immediately. Not only this, the CCTV moves towards the direction it senses the motion to keep an eye on the suspicious activity. During this time, the CCTV camera becomes prudent to analyze the faces of the people in the respective field of view. If the people are authorized, it does not take any action. However, if the people are unauthorized, it sends an alert to the app via the internet. The CCTV camera is able to identify the faces of the people due to its another feature –face tag. The users can enlist unsuspicious people by uploading their pictures on the app.


The wireless security camera also offers the opportunity for communication. Through the app, the user can access the audio of the particular field of view. In this way, you can listen to the suspicious talk going on the premises. But, the fascinating element is that you can talk through the app that will deliver through the speaker on the premises. You can shock the intruders and stop them from causing any damage. It is one of the unique selling points of wireless systems, using which you can ensure the security of your house or building.

Cloud Storage:

Storage is one of the problems with CCTV cameras. Mostly, when you opt for investigating an incident that happened on the premises, you would not find the footage. It can be due to a technical glitch or limited storage capacity. Thankfully, you would not have such a problem with wireless security cameras. The data that is sent over the signal is stored in the cloud. It means that you do not have any chance of losing crucial data. The data safely stores in the cloud, and you can access archives in a minute.

Bottom Line:

Undoubtedly, wireless CCTV cameras are a better option than wired cameras. The features that make them the best are their flexibility, accessibility, and smart features as motion sensors, easy integration, communication, and cloud storage.

Image supplied by Phoebe Lambert.

Author Bio:

Phoebe Lambert

Our thanks to Phoebe Lambert for providing us with this helpful article that explains the reasons to choose wireless camera for your security.

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