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5 Tips to Protect Your Online Business Against Hackers

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Protect Your Online Business Against Hackers

Guest Post By: Patrick Watt

In a utopian society, there would be no worrying about locking your house door, you could use the same passwords for all of your accounts and you would never have to worry about your credit card information being stolen.

In this reality though, failing to update your computer’s software or failing to lock your house door could provide an opportunity for thieves to steal what they like.

Car manufacturers, software companies, and banks, etc. must always stay one step ahead of thieves hidden in this society.

Small Medium and large businesses are constantly in a battle to protect their customer’s information and prevent things like identity theft.

Here are 5 tips any business can implement to protect itself against cyber attacks.

Use Multi-Factor Authentication

Requiring Multi-factor Authentication is the simplest change a business can make to protect itself against cybercrimes.

There are multiple types of Multi-factor Authentication, but they all perform a similar task. A user puts in their password and they’re required to verify their identity through other means. The second step of verification adds an extra layer of security.

Password Management tool

A password management tool allows you to ensure that all passwords are longer than 12 characters, contain a mixture of capital and lower case characters, and also contain special characters. A password management tool would allow employees to access passwords from one contact point. Passwords with complex characters would no longer have to be memorized, making it easier for employees to handle password management correctly.

Limit Access Capability

Malicious emails and fraudulent websites masked as legit websites can fool employees who fail to pay attention to minor details; A reasonable mistake on the employees’ end sometimes, but a potentially painful and expensive experience for a company. Surprisingly, over 40% of small businesses surveyed had an encounter with ransomware.

The FBI warns against making a payment to hackers, but many small businesses can’t afford to be down for days in a row. Limiting certain capabilities to only a select few employees will prevent your business’s network from becoming a ransomware target. Admin user accounts should be severely restricted to only IT staff use.

Use An anti-phishing Toolbar

Anti-phishing toolbars are perfect for smaller businesses that lack technical training. An anti-phishing toolbar authenticates the origin of an E-mail and all the links attached to it. In some cases, the toolbar blocks a user from being able to click on a link, teaching them to recognize phishing emails in future encounters.

Keeping your system up to date

When dealing with the technical security of your business, updates must be completed on time and on a regular basis. Updating your software and technology will help create and ensure a secure environment for tools like your VPS cloud server and software used for managing and accounting purposes.

Software producers consistently release updates, but if you fail to regularly download them you put your whole network at risk. Configuring your devices to automatically update when possible allows your business to ensure consistent updates are taking place.

Making your business 100% cybercrime resistant is not possible, but following these 5 tips will increase your business’s cyber security by ten folds. You create an almost impenetrable wall surrounding your business when you practice these tips vs having your business out in the open, vulnerable to attacks at any moment.

Image courtesy of Patrick Watt.

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