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8 Reasons Why You need a Dashcam in Your Car

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Why You need a Dashcam in Your Car

A dashcam will not, of course, prevent you from having accidents on the road. However, having a dash camera installed in your car could save you a great deal of hassle and money. So, if you have wondered why people bother with buying car dashcams, read on. Here are eight excellent reasons why all drivers should invest in a dashcam for their vehicles.

Header Image: VAVA Dual Front and Rear Dash Camera.

1. Protect You Against Auto Insurance Fraud

You may have seen the funny insurance fraud fails videos on YouTube. However, while the fails can be hilarious, it’s not so amusing if someone who knows what they are doing pulls on an insurance fraud scam on you. A front and rear dash cam in your car, you will provide video footage to prove that someone deliberately caused an accident or is claiming falsely for injuries. Without a dash camera, it’s your word against theirs.

2. Indisputable Witness of an Accident

It’s not only the people who set out to defraud insurance companies that could put up the premiums on your auto insurance. People who cause auto accidents can suddenly become liars too. Or there may be genuine doubt as to who was to blame for a car accident. Either way, a dashcam will capture vital evidence of what happened. Video footage cannot be argued with and could prevent you from getting the blame for an accident you didn’t cause.

3. Provide Evidence to Appeal a Traffic Violation

Police officers are not infallible; they can get it wrong. But if you have no hard evidence to prove that you do not run a red light, it’s your word against the word of an officer of the law. Even the best front and rear dashcam may not prevent you from getting issued with a ticket. But video footage will give you the evidence you need to appeal against the citation in a court of law.

4. Identify Hit and Runs

The best car dashcams have motion sensors. So, if someone smashes into your parked vehicle, you will get footage of the car that was responsible. Modern dashcams also lock the footage of an accident so that it cannot be overwritten. And some dashcams record footage in the cloud. The video evidence will prove to your insurers that you did not cause the damage. And the dashcam footage can be used to catch and prosecute the guilty party.

5. Deter Theft and Vandalism

A motion sensor activated dashcam will also help to deter thieves and vandals. Or, in the worst-case scenario, help police bring a thief or vandal to justice. If someone tries to damage or break into your car, they will be recorded. So, the presence of a dashcam will make the bad guys think twice before they target your vehicle.

6. Record Your Family Road Trips

It’s not all about protecting yourself; car dashcams have some more agreeable uses, too. If you are going on a road trip with your family, for example, you could record every mile of your adventure on a dashcam. You might even get lucky and get some footage of something extraordinary happening, like a meteor strike or a weather phenomenon. Some of the best viral videos have been shot on people’s dash cams!

7. Bring Reckless Drivers to Justice

We’ve all seen some mad drivers on the road. Drunks weaving from lane to lane, aggressive drivers, and kids racing are dangerous to other road users. If you have a dashcam in your car, you can record these irresponsible drivers’ actions and report them to the police. Remember, even if a reckless driver doesn’t cause an accident today, they could kill someone tomorrow. So, it is everyone’s interest to get persistent dangerous drivers off the road.

8. Teaching Aid for Teen Drivers

Inexperienced teen drivers will invariably make mistakes on the road. An older driver may also take advantage of a teen driver’s inexperience and unfairly blame the youngster for an accident.
A dashcam can be an invaluable aid for teaching new drivers how to drive safely. And a dash camera will provide evidence if a teen is wrongfully accused of causing an accident.


To sum up, a dashcam could provide you with the evidence you need to prove that you were not at fault in an auto accident. And a dash camera could help to prevent your vehicle from being vandalized it stolen. Even the best front and rear dash cams, like the VAVA Dual Front and Rear Dash Camera pictured above, generally cost around less than $150. So, it is a small price to pay for the peace of mind that one of these gadgets brings.

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