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9 Home Safety and Security Solutions That Really Work

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Home Safety and Security Solutions

Guest Post By: Jay Flavell

Your house is the place where you should feel the safest. It’s where you build the life you want and let your family grow. Therefore, it’s a smart decision to invest in safety and security systems, especially if you consider the rate of burglary and home invasions these days.

It’s important to mention that this is not just a must for high-risk communities. All households should take safety and security measures to ensure the quality of life for each resident.

If you want the peace of mind of knowing that you, your family, and all your valuable possessions are safe in your home, there are different measures or solutions that you can implement. Here are nine safety and security solutions you need to consider.

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1. Surveillance Cameras

Installing surveillance cameras around your home will help you monitor suspicious activities that you may need to alert the police about. The footage from the camera is substantial evidence of everything from doorstep theft (which is quite prevalent due to the popularity of online shopping) to planned invasion and even stalking.

You can set these cameras yourself, but if you want the most strategic placement paired with instant notifications to you and a security agency, it’s best to have them installed by a reputable security company.

Do consider hidden cameras, too, especially if you often open your home to people who are not members of your family, such as a babysitter or cleaning service providers. Hidden cameras will record the different activities in your house and may show questionable behaviors exhibited by the people you let in that you may need to address.

2. Decoy Storage

Decoy storage solutions are perfect for keeping a stash of cash, jewelry, confidential files, and other valuables. These are secret hiding places meant for tucking away essential possessions that people with ill intent wouldn’t consider looking through.

Some of these decoy storage solutions are security safes that look like books, fake light switch plates, faux potted plants, decoy lights, and many others. These decoys can effectively hide things in plain sight, making it doubly harder for the people looking for your valuables to find them.

3. Multiple Locking Systems

To make it even more difficult for people who want to invade your home to get inside, install multiple locking systems. These are excellent provisions that make breaking into your home more complicated and a much longer process.

You can have these installed in all the entry points to your home, such as the doors, windows, and even vents. Most of today’s multiple locking systems come with smart technology. They have sensors and detection technology so that only recognized people can get into your home.

Likewise, some of these multiple locking provisions have an alert system. Therefore, should an intruder open your doors or windows without using the locks, a warning message is played, and the home security company is notified.

4. Pets

The four-legged members of the family can double as home protectors as well, even if they are not trained for the job. The typical instinct of pets to make noises or to act in an aggravated manner when they see someone they don’t know in their domain can ward off intruders.

In a lot of cases, pets act on their fight response as well and effectively derail or halt criminal activities. Even small dogs or puppies can chase off burglars.

5. Security Alarm

An alarm system is an installation that can perform an amazing job in keeping your home secure. The sound this system creates can rattle intruders, and as mentioned earlier, it can send an automatic signal to the home security company once there’s a breach in the system.

Security alarms come in a variety of styles. For most homes, those that you install in windows and doors would suffice. But if you have hiding places at home for vital possessions, you should wire an alarm for them, too.

6. Security Safes Sensor Lighting

Security safes are some of the most popular home security products available today. These are ideal hiding places for a variety of prized possessions. The best advantage of these products is they are incredibly difficult to decode and open. On top of that, they are built to last and they can even withstand other threats.

There are security safes that will remain intact and closed in the event of a fire or a flood. Some are also made of such durable material that you can’t open them even if you beat them up or shoot a gun at them. Thus, if you keep highly valuable materials at home, it’s best to invest in security safes, which you can keep in your home office drawer or behind a painting on the wall.

7. Sensor Lighting

Sensor lights or motion-activated lights have long proven to be effective in deterring crimes. According to a top security company, the sudden illumination is like a layer of resistance that causes people with bad intentions for your home to question whether they should proceed with their plans or not.

Lights suddenly turning on can startle people and cause anxious thoughts to run through their minds. So, it’s good to have these sensors or motion-activated lights installed throughout your home, especially by doors, which burglars make sure to check first.

8. Strategic Landscaping

Home security experts also suggest landscaping your home for added protection. Strategic landscape design can make it more challenging for home intruders to get into your house. Let your landscapers know about your desire for the design of your outdoor space to provide your property more privacy and security, and they will work on an appropriate solution.

For example, one thing that landscapers can do to protect your home from being a target for intruders is by placing bushes or prickly cacti and setting up plant beds by your windows. This design strategy can automatically decrease the number of good entry points for burglars.

9. Window and Door Stoppers

Lastly, window and door stoppers are additional locking mechanisms that you can use, particularly for sliding doors and windows. Since the locks for doors and windows are often easy to tamper with, the stoppers work to prevent the sliding panels from budging.

With these stoppers in place, home intruders who want to come in through your doors or windows would have to break them, which will create a lot of noise and mess and discourage them from pushing through with their plans.

The safety of your home should always be a top priority. Aim to use all the solutions provided above to make your house a truly safe and secure sanctuary for your family.

Author Bio

Jay Flavell

Jay Flavell is the General Manager at Sandleford Holdings. He has been working in the DIY & Home Improvement industry since 2007 and has vast experience sourcing and developing products from overseas suppliers in the Far East. Jay has also been successful dealing with a number of major DIY & Home Improvement retailers throughout his career.