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About Best Panic Alarm

Best Panic Alarm is an independent review site dedicated to finding the best personal safety and security equipment on the market and bringing to you our honest appraisal and reviews of those products. In addition to general product reviews and featured product reviews, we also publish safety and security tips and advice pages. Our goal is to inform our readers in order that they can live a safe and secure life.

BestPanicAlarms.com was founded by a concerned father. Here’s a few words from the founder on why he first started the site.

“When my two kids got old enough to be out late with their friends, like all good parents, I became concerned about their safety. So, I began to research personal alarms. Unfortunately, all I could find were advertisements, or reviews that made little sense, so I decided to set up BestPanicAlarms.com, a safety and security information site that bridges the gap between an advertisement and an honest review.”

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Like all blogs and websites, we need to make some money to fund Best Panic Alarm. We do this by accepting a limited number of advertisements and through affiliate partnerships. If you buy any products as a result of clicking on an affiliate link or advertisement on this site, we may earn a small commission. This does not affect the price that you pay for the product.

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Product Review Policy

We review all products objectively, and we never accept incentives to write false positive reviews. The opinions expressed in this blog our entirely our own unless otherwise stated in the post. We do accept sponsored guest posts and other sponsored content. Any sponsored content will be clearly identified as such. Advertisers are welcome to suggest products that they would like us to review, but we do not accept payment or gifts in kind as a means of influencing reviews.


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