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We are an independent review site dedicated to finding the best personal alarms, panic alarms, personal attack alarms, and other personal safety equipment on the market and bringing to you our honest appraisal and reviews of those products.

Despite the fact that personal alarms are so readily available and so cheap, relatively few people are aware of how effective they can be and so they don’t carry them. In an age of ever worsening crime statistics and the increasing incidences of personal attacks, however, we think that is something that should change.

We are not here to frighten you; many people never have to go through the terrifying experience of a personal attack. However, having a personal alarm with you when are out will provide you with an increased sense of personal security that you would not have otherwise had. More importantly, it could also, one day, prevent a nasty situation becoming a violent one.

BestPanicAlarms.com was founded by a concerned father. Here are a few personal words from him:

When I was much younger, and I found myself on the streets alone at night, I often felt uneasy and sometimes I felt downright scared. That was quite a few years ago now, so I have no idea what it must feel like to be a youngster on the streets at night today, but I can imagine what it must be like to be young and to find yourself alone in a dark street and being very concerned for your personal safety.

Back then, personal alarms were virtually unheard of, but today you can buy them online for as little as $10, which is a very small price to pay for the safety of you or your loved ones.

When my two kids got old enough to be out late with their friends, like all good parents, I became concerned about their safety. So, I began to research personal alarms. Unfortunately, all I could find were advertisements, or reviews that made little sense, so I decided to set up BestPanicAlarms.com, a personal alarm review site that bridges the gap between an advertisement and an honest review.

I hope that you find our reviews of personal alarms, panic alarms and attack alarms helpful, as well as the personal safety tips that we will be publishing on our blog. We will also be bringing you more personal alarm reviews and other personal safety product reviews very soon

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