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Air Purifiers – Will They Help Sanitize Your Office?

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Air Purifiers

A year ago, who would have guessed that we’d all be thinking about indoor air quality and ventilation—but here we are and we’re all trying to sort out how we can all stay healthy and keep our indoor environments healthy, too. That has a lot of people wondering how they can sanitize the air in their office and if any of the numerous products offering to solve the issue can work.

One of those is air purifiers. Not all air purifiers work in the same way. Some draw in particles while others capture gasses. That’s because the filters work in different ways, some with folds or some with substances such as carbon. However, there are different things in an air purifier that you can check to see if it’s going to meet your needs. For example, you’ll want an air purifier that doesn’t emit a loud noise. Want to learn more? This graphic can help.


To sum up, HEPA air purifiers remove up to 99.97% of particulates in the air. The particles that an air filter would capture would include dust, pollution, and the tiny droplets of moisture expelled when people cough and sneeze. So, a good quality air purifiers will help to keep an office clean and germ free.

However, even the best air purifier should not be thought of as an alternative to proper office hygiene, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. So, please do follow the COVID guidelines in your region, and follow the social distancing rules.

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