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Airbag Theft – The New Car Stereo Theft?

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Airbag Theft

Airbag thefts have become so common that the police have begun to call it the new car stereo theft. Built-in stock car stereos and improved anti-theft measures have led to a gradual decrease in car stereo thefts. Meanwhile, the criminals have turned their attention to airbags.

Why Do Thieves Steal Airbags?

Why would anyone want to steal an airbag? The answer that that is the price. If you have ever had to have an airbag replaced, you will know they are not cheap. The average cost of an airbag replacement is more than $1,500.

Thieves have several potential markets for stolen airbags. Some stolen airbags are sold on eBay. Some are sold to dishonest mechanics. In fact, some car repair shops will install a stolen airbag in a car and then claim for the price of a new one from the insurance company.

Airbags are quite easy to steal. If you know what you are doing, you can have an airbag out of a car in a few minutes. There have also been reports of car mechanics stealing airbags from cars while the car is in for repair. That leaves the driver of the car driving around without an airbag.

What Can You Do to Prevent Airbag Theft?

Any type of car can be a target for airbag theft. Hondas have recently been targeted more than other makes of cars. The reason why Hondas are being targeted is not entirely clear. There are two issues that car owners face with the recent rise in the theft of airbags. The first is having the airbag stolen from your car. The second is having a potentially dangerous stolen airbag installed in your car without your knowledge. Here are some tips on how to avoid becoming a victim.

Be Careful Where You Park Your Car

Park your car in well-lit areas. If possible, always park your car in a garage. Also, avoid parking your car near to large vehicles. Large vehicles could hide the thief from view while he breaks into your car.

One of the reasons that airbag theft is being called the new car stereo theft is the way that thieves operate. There is no finesse to this crime. A thief can smash a car window, get into the car and remove the airbag. All before anyone has time to even react to the car alarm sounding. So, the best deterrent is to park your car where it is in full view of other people.

Install and Anti-Theft Device

Car Steering wheel locks are making a comeback. This is partly because of airbag theft. They are also being used as a secondary security measure to beat thieves that hack keyless car entry systems.

Car steering wheel locks, like the Club Steering Wheel Lock, clamp onto the steering wheel to prevent the steering wheel turning. The main bar of the device crosses the centre of the steering wheel. So, it will also prevent the airbag being stolen.

As well as the Club Steering Locks, there are also devices that cover the entire steering wheel. These will provide even better protection against airbag theft. We reviewed one of these recently. It’s called the Disklok Car Steering Wheel Lock.

Don’t Buy Airbags Online

If you are going to install an airbag yourself, don’t buy in online. Buy it from a reputable dealer. Airbags bought on sites like eBay could be stolen, and they can be dangerous. An airbag could save your life, so it’s not worth the risk.

The other reason for not buying online is that, by doing so, you are fuelling the demand for stolen airbags. Quite simply, if no one buys airbags from dubious sources, the thieves won’t have a market for stolen airbags, so they won’t steal them.

Have Airbags Replaced at Dealerships

Airbags are important for your safety. Official dealerships are the best places to get them replaced. Your mechanic buddy could it for you cheaper. As could the local “We Fix Any Car” car repair shop. But, if you don’t go to a dealer for your replacement airbag, you could end up with wither a stolen or a faulty airbag.


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