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Apartment Security: 8 Safety Tips You Should Keep in Mind if You Live Alone

Last Updated on January 4, 2022

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Apartment Security Tips

Guest Post by Ciara Perkins

Living alone in an apartment can be a liberating feeling. It makes you feel more self-confident and self-assured because you’re taking care of yourself by yourself.

However, the main thing concerning people when it comes to living by themselves would be safety issues.

If you’re living alone in an apartment and want to ensure your safety, here are eight security tips you have to keep in mind:

Repair Possible Security Risks

The maintenance of your home isn’t just about keeping this clean and tidy. At Cleaning Exec Cleaning Services NYC, we tell our clients that home security is also about safety.

If you don’t maintain your home correctly, it can create possible security risks due to your home’s state.

With that said, if you do find a possible security risk, then you should make sure to have it repaired immediately. The potential entry points to your home should be the first place you look at and see if repairs need to be made. For example, the windows and doors should shut completely and stay locked properly.

Don’t wait until later to fix these possible security risks because you’d be compromising your safety.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

If you don’t have any friends nearby or would prefer not to get one of these furry friends, then think about using the neighbors’ next best thing!

If you’re still searching for apartment blocks for sale, getting to know your future neighbors is one of the top safety tips you can do when solo-living. You can ask them to check your apartment and tell you if they see anything suspicious. If you hear any noise at night, it’s always best to call security first and then call your neighbor next.

Make an effort to be friendly with your neighbors and get to know who they are so that you can help one another. You might also end up with a friend out of it that will make you feel extra safe living in your apartment.

Consider Getting a Security System

You may feel safer living alone, but you are putting yourself at risk. Living solo can be risky because of security or safety awareness. Staying vigilant and taking the necessary precautions will ensure your safety.

A security system is a must-have for anyone living alone, especially if you live in an apartment or condominium. A security system will alert you of any disturbances in your neighborhood, even when you are away from home. That way, no one can trespass without being caught.

Also, if there is a breach in your security system, the authorities will receive a notification right away. It can even scare away potential criminals when the alarms sound.

Keep Your Door Locked at All Times

The most straightforward security tip that you should keep in mind would be to keep your door locked at all times. More so if you have to stay out for a while (even if it’s just on your porch).

Always keep your door locked, preferably with a strong lock that is difficult to pick or break into.

You’ll be surprised how many criminals break into a home not by breaking anything but by simply walking through an unlocked door. Even if you’re going to be stepping out in a second, don’t unlock the door until the last minute.

Install a Peephole

Peepholes are a simple but effective way to provide security for your apartment. Hence, you should consider installing a peephole in your room.

You can look through your peephole to see who’s outside your door, so you don’t open it to someone you don’t know because someone’s pretending to be someone else.

Close Your Curtains

Keep curtains closed and lights off when you are home alone at night, and this will make it harder for an intruder to see inside your apartment. When a ne’er-do-well knows that you live by yourself, they will be more motivated to break into your apartment, which you don’t want them to do.

Have An Emergency Plan

Living alone means that you need to keep yourself safe during an emergency. You should know what to do if there is a fire, if someone breaks into your home, or if you encounter other dangerous situations.

  • Always know the quickest way out of your home
  • Know which window leads out of your apartment and how it opens
  • Have a list of emergency numbers that you can easily find
  • Know which locks are the most secure on your doors

Report Any Suspicious Activity

Be proactive by contacting your local police station to report any suspicious activity in the apartment complex. If you have the number of your landlord, notify them if you see suspicious activity, but if it’s concerning, don’t hesitate to contact the police first.

Living alone should be as freeing as it should be. By keeping the security tips listed above in mind, you can live your lifestyle as you so desire.

Photo by Jarek Ceborski on Unsplash.

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