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Best Medical Alert Watches for Seniors Everyone Should Know About

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Best Medical Alert Watches for Seniors

Guest Post By: Danny

For seniors or other people with health concerns, medical emergencies can happen at any time anywhere, even in situations where no one is close to take care of them.

Watches with medical alert features are loaded with tons of specs, features, and functions that allow medics to respond to the seniors promptly in their precise location.

And according to this specialized watch review site, the following medical alert watches are the ones you should pay attention to.

Freedom Guardian (Smart) Watch

This Medical Guardian model smart watch is a classy time accessory with a simplistic black/white design.

The Freedom Guardian watch boasts of a wide variety of health and medical alert features.

What is more unique about the accessory is that it has oversized icons as well as a loudspeaker, both of which favor seniors with vision or hearing problems.

For purposes of location tracking, the watch features Wi-Fi, 4G cellular connectivity, and GPS functions for emergency tracking.

The text-speech messaging feature allows you to communicate with the senior without any hassles whatsoever.

Apple Watch Series-5

Featuring a stylish design, the Apple Watch 5 Series accessory comes with a wide range of smart features.

The model edges out as one of the most luxurious medical alert watches currently in the market.

The timepiece has an inbuilt emergency alert software as well as a unique fall detection algorithm that allows for immediate help when needed.

You can use the accessory for several uses, such as tracking workouts, making & receiving calls, and daily scheduling, among other functions.

The color-rich display allows for easy time reading even for seniors with poor eyesight.

MobileHelpSmart Watch

This high-tech watch is specially designed to keep seniors safe in a discreet and unobtrusive manner.

This robust watch with a sporty-looking design has an on-screen button that allows you to call for help.

Some of the notable features of the model include activity tracking, GPS tracking, weather reports, vital sign sensors, and a heart rate monitor.

The most fascinating feature about the watch is that it has a caregiver portal.

Caregivers are able to access status updates and watch usage by accessing the MobileHelp Connect portal.

Additionally, the battery lasts for 48 hours on one full charge, hence removing the need for charging the gadget after every few hours.

GreatCall Lively (Wearable Fitness Tracker) W/ Exclusive Urgent Response

The GreatCall Lively timepiece is an incredible accessory that enables seniors to remain safe even when on the move.

This smartphone-enabled model doubles as an emergency alert gadget.

With just a single press on the 1-touch button, the device connects the senior instantly with agents from GreatCall to notify the family or send help.

The watch has an automatic fall detection feature and fitness tracking.

Since the timepiece is waterproof, it can be worn in any environment.

The GPS tracking feature in the accessory is precise and hence sends accurate location data during emergencies.

HeartGuide Watch

Also, popularly known as a clinical monitor, the HeartGuide watch is one of the best medical alert time accessories in present times.

This gadget by OMRON takes blood pressure monitoring towards a new direction and level due to the gadget’s portability.

This watch boasts an exceptional design, which makes it a fashionable accessory.

The HeartAdvisor feature in the watch not only records blood pressure but also monitors physical activity and sleep patterns.

The only downside to this timepiece is that it does not come with an automatic fall detection functionality.

The watch has mobile phone connectivity.

Galaxy Watch Active2-4G

If you are looking for a medical alert watch that works without a phone but features a ton of functionalities, the Galaxy Watch Active2 is the best choice for you.

This accessory by Samsung has a superior build quality that makes it durable and reliable.

The smart watch is specifically designed for seniors who wish to track their fitness and health progress.

You can also do much more with the gadget, including heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, and monitoring breathing patterns.

What is more unique about the accessory is that it has a wireless charging feature, enables access to health apps for smart devices, and is waterproof.

CallToU Caregiver Pager (Wireless Smart Call-Button)

The CallToU Caregiver Pager is an ideal timepiece for caregivers who offer personalized care to seniors at home or in nursing homes.

This pager allows caregivers to make contact with multiple receivers at once with just one call.

With a 500+ feet operational range, the pager is easy and comfortable to strap onto the wrist.

The pager features rechargeable batteries and a vibration/audio alert prompt to cater to the needs of seniors with either hearing or vision problems.

The stylish and all-new design makes the watch to replicate a fashionable and luxurious accessory.


Medical alert watches are life-saving devices that offer safety and health security for seniors.

These gadgets are arguably the best way of guaranteeing the health of your loved one whenever they are not near you.

As such, you should never compromise on the quality or features of these gadgets when choosing the best timepiece.

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