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Best Tactical Pen – Free Strikepen Offer

Last Updated on April 11, 2020

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Free Best Tactical Pen – Really?

Whenever you see a offer like a Free tactical pen, it does set the alarm bells ringing. After all, no one is going to be giving away a top-quality, best tactical pen for free. Are they? So, when we saw advertisements claiming that you can get a free Strikepen from a company called Ape Survival, we decided to check it out. Is this the best tactical pen offer on the market? Here’s what we found out.

What is Tactical Pen?

Best Tactical Pen, Free Strikepen, Free Tactical Pen, Self-Defense PenA tactical pen is a self defense weapon based on the Kubaton. A Kubaton is a small self defense weapon. It was first designed by the Karate master Takayuki Kubota. They were first issued to officers of the Los Angeles Police Department. A Kubaton is a small keychain weapon that is usually made of metal or very hard plastic. Today, Kubatons are standard issue to many police and military personnel. They are easy to carry, discreet, and very effective. They can be used against an assailant as a stabbing weapon. When used with enough force, they are very painful. Especially when applied to a pressure point or a sensitive part of the body.

A tactical pen is a relatively new take on the design of a kubaton. It combines the functionality of a pen with the self-defense capabilities of a kubaton. A best tactical pen will also include an LED flashlight and they often contain other small tools as well.

Tactical pens, like the Ape Survival Strikepen, are made of toughened metal. They also have grooves stamped into the case to provide more grip. To the casual observer, they look like a good quality, conventional pen. So, they can be carried in just about all situations.

Why Would You Want a Tactical Pen?

There are lots of self-defense devices and weapons that you could carry, so why carry a tactical pen? The big advantage that tactical pens have over other self-defense weapons is that you can carry a tactical pen with you anywhere. Unlike pepper sprays or guns, there are no legal restrictions on carrying a tactical pen.

The second advantage of tactical pens is that they are very easy to use. You can find lots of videos online that show you how to use a tactical pen. Even without any practice, if you grasp a tactical pen in your fist and jab someone with it, you are going to do enough damage to make them back off. Here’s a short video that explains how to use a tactical pen for self-defense:

The Ape Survival Strikepen

So, what about the Strikepen tactical pen that Ape Survival claim they are giving away for free? Is it the best tactical pen around? Or, is there a catch? Here’s a rundown on the features of the free Strikepen.

The Ape Survival Strikepen, Best Tactical Pen, Free Strikepen, Free Tactical Pen, Self-Defense Pen

Tough Alloy Body

The body of the Ape Survival Strikepen consists of milled alloy. It’s all made from a single piece of metal, so it’s very strong. Although the alloy makes the pen very strong, the Strikepen is surprisingly light. You wouldn’t have any problem carrying this around in your pocket. And it’s comfortable to write with too.

Built-in LED Flashlight

The Strikepen has a flashlight built into to it. It’s an LED flashlight, so it’s a lot brighter than you might think. You wouldn’t use it as your only flashlight, but it would be great to use in an emergency.

Knife and Multi-Tool Attachments

Incorporated into the Strikepen tactical pen is an interchangeable knife and multi-tool attachment. The multi-tool attachment consists of a Hex wrench, a small knife, a flathead screwdriver, and a bottle opener. There is also a separate, larger knife attachment. Of course, the knife isn’t very large, because it needs to fit inside the pen. But it is surprisingly strong, and it is very sharp.

Tungsten Steel Glass Breaker Tip

Any best tactical pen will have an extra strong tip for striking things with. The tip is used for self-defense, and it can also be used as a glass breaker in an emergency as well. The free tactical pen from Ape Survival has a tungsten steel tip for this purpose. So, there’s no question that you could use the Strikepen to get you out of trouble when needed.

But, Can You Write with It!

The tactical Strikepen is a pen, after all, so can you write with it? Well, the Strikepen is not the best quality ballpoint pen money can buy, but it’s pretty good. The Strikepen is heavier than a regular ballpoint pen. But you can still use it comfortably for writing with. You also get a replacement ink cartridge with the Strikepen as well.

Best Tactical Pen, Free Strikepen, Free Tactical Pen, Self-Defense Pen

Free Strikepen – Is it Really a Free Tactical Pen?

The standard price for the Ape Survival Strikepen is $54.95. That’s the price quoted on the Ape Survival web site. So, how come Ape Survival are giving away their best tactical pen for free?

Ape Survival says that they are giving away tactical pens for free as part of their National Survival Awareness Campaign. They say that they want to “Educate and inform American families and provide them with the tactics to survive natural disasters and terrorist attacks plus improve self-defense and wilderness skills.”

Now that sounds great, but where’s the catch? The truth is that there is no catch. You do have to pay a small shipping fee, but the tactical pen is available for free for as long as stocks last. Of course, in reality, Ape Survival is using the Strikepen as a loss leader. They want to introduce you to their range of self-defense and survival gear. But that’s no different than seeing a special offer at your local grocery store. All businesses use loss leaders to get you to look at their other products. Ape Survival does have an impressive rage of gear. But there is no obligation to buy anything with this deal. So, if you don’t see anything else that you want, just grab your free tactical pen and go!

How to Claim Your Free Strikepen

The Strikepen free tactical pen offer is not available on the Ape Survival web site. To claim your free Strikepen, simply follow the link below. You will need to supply your email address and the address that you want your free best tactical pen shipped to. You will also be charged a small shipping fee. That’s all you need to do!

Best Tactical Pen, Free Strikepen, Free Tactical Pen, Self-Defense Pen


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