Bobby Original Anti-Theft Backpack, anti-theft travel backpack, theft proof backpack, secure backpack, anti-theft travel bag

Bobby Original Anti-Theft Backpack by XD Design

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Bobby Original Anti-Theft Backpack, anti-theft travel backpack, theft proof backpack, secure backpack, anti-theft travel bagXD Design Bobby Original Theft-Proof Backpack

The authentic and original Bobby Original Anti-Theft backpack from XD Design. The Bobby Original features hidden zippers, hidden pockets, and cut-proof material. It’s a high-quality theft-proof backpack for traveling and commuting.

Protect Your Belongings with the Bobby Original Anti-Theft Backpack

The Bobby Original theft-proof backpack stops the constant worry about your belongings. Your portable gadgets, cash and other valuables will be safe inside your Bobby bag. So, you can get on with your traveling or commuting.

Carefree and Enjoyable Travel Starts by Choosing the Right Backpack

If you are looking for a backpack that protects you against thieves, check out the Bobby Original anti-theft backpack. It’s Available in red, black and gray. The Bobby Original Anti-Theft Backpack is great for keeping all your valuables secure.

XD Design Bobby Backpack – Your Anti-Theft Hero Bag

The Bobby Original Anti-Theft Backpack ensures that your valuables are secure. Here are some of the features of this anti-theft backpack.

Hidden Zippers

The Bobby Anti-theft bag has a clean external design. The heavy duty YKK zippers are well-hidden at the back of the bag. That will stop potential pickpockets and thieves in their tracks.

Modern Storage Design

The backpack features advanced storage design. There is a good-sized main compartment that will hold your documents, tablet, and iPad. There are also smaller hidden pockets to keep small items safe

Comfortable to Use

The Bobby backpack strap has mesh ventilation to prevent sweating. The bag features ergonomic support for enhanced comfort. The bag is made with weight balance in mind. Unlike traditional backpacks, it provides an even weight distribution. This causes less pressure on the spine. It has a dedicated pocket ideal for portable electronic gadgets. The pockets are foam padded. They have an elastic strap for improved security. The elasticated pockets also allow you to pull things out easily.

Outstanding Durability

The bag has a 13L capacity. It comes with sturdy construction and is made of premium quality materials. The Bobby Original Anti-Theft Backpack is made to withstand long term, daily use. It’s an excellent everyday carry backpack.

Superior Protection

The Bobby Original Anti-Theft Backpack comes with multiple protective layers. These include anti-shock foam and cut-proof protection board. The back part of the backpack also comes with a foam sponge layer that provides a cushion against your back.

Water Resistant

Rain or shine, this anti-theft Bobby backpack will be your reliable travel partner. The material is water repellent. It also comes with stowable rain cover to keep your valuables safe and dry in heavy rain.

Integrated USB charging port

Running out of battery? The Bobby Original Anti-Theft Backpack comes with a USB charging port. It’s integrated on the side of the backpack. This allows you to charge your mobile gadgets while on the go without having to open your backpack.

Reflective Trims for Road Security

The Bobby backpack provides added visibility in the dark. It has illuminating reflective stripes at the sides and back for your safety at night.

Bobby Original Anti-Theft Backpack – Final Thoughts

If you are a traveler or you commute, owning an anti-theft backpack is a must. Make sure, though, that you buy the original and genuine XD Design Bobby product. That will ensure that you get the best quality. The backpack offers exceptional durability and compact design. The Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack is a top-quality theft proof backpack.

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