CoolBag Gen 2 Review, anti-theft tote, anti-theft bag, anti-theft beach bag, anti-theft travel bag, travel security, personal security

CoolBag Gen 2 Review – Anti-Theft Travel Tote

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CoolBag Gen 2 Review – Anti-Theft Tote Bag for Beach, Pool, and Travel

If you have been looking for a bag for the beach, then you may have trouble finding something with all the features that you want.

If you were looking for security, you might think about buying a travel-safe, but portable safes are usually tiny.

Then again, if you are going on a beach, you would also need to keep drinks and food cold. But a coolbox is not going to prevent thieves from stealing your belongings if you leave your bag while you go for a swim.

Well, we think we have found a solution to this common problem with this excellent CoolBag anti-theft tote bag.

CoolBag Gen 2, anti-theft tote, anti-theft bag, anti-theft beach bag, anti-theft travel bag, travel security, personal security
CoolBag Gen 2 Review – Overview

The CoolBag Gen 2 is quite possibly the best travel tote we have seen. The bag combines anti-theft features with a cooler bag that is large enough to hold all the essentials for a day out at the beach or by the pool.

The bag measures 15.8(H) x 19.65(W) x 7.5(D) inches. So, there is plenty of space for all your beach essentials, snack, and some drinks too.

The CoolBag Gen 2 is a well-made piece of kit. It has a durable UV-resistant polyester outer shell. Inside, there is a cut-resistant material to prevent the bag from getting slashed open by thieves. The material of the bag is stain and water-resistant on the front with a waterproof coating on the back. The bag is available in a choice of six vibrant colors.

Here is a promotional video by the makers of the CoolBag:

Cooler Compartment Inside

What makes the CookBag Gen 2 so perfect the beach or pool is the cooler compartment inside the bag. The cooler compartment is the bottom of the bag, and it is accessible from inside or outside the bag. So, you can grab a cold beer whenever you want without needing to open the main compartment. The cooler compartment is a nice size too. It will hold two bottles of wine or seven cans. Inside the cooler compartment, there is a pocket for an ice pack. Yes, the guys who invented the CoolBag appear to have thought of everything!

Security Features

The CoolBag Gen 2 will keep your belongings safe. In addition to the cut-proof material, the bag features a pry-proof, locking zipper, and the handles of the bag double as cable-tether for securing the bag to a fixed object.

CoolBag Gen 2 Review – Our Opinion

CoolBag Gen 2 Review, anti-theft tote, anti-theft bag, anti-theft beach bag, anti-theft travel bag, travel security, personal securityWe spotted the CoolBag Gen 2 when we were researching theft-proof tote bags. What caught our eye about this bag was the excellent design. A lot of thought has gone into this bag, and, like all good products, the CoolBag solves a problem.

The combination of anti-theft features, cooler, and roomy tote bag makes this bag so versatile. As well as a beach bag or poolside bag, it would also make a great gym bag or sports bag. If you are taking the kids out for the day, the CoolBag Gen2 would be great for that too.

The anti-theft features on this bag are good, but they are not foolproof. But, then again, no one is going to want to carry around a steel safe with them on teh beach! The biggest problem at beaches is not hardcore, professional thieves anyway, it’s the casual bag-snatchers. And, the anti-theft features of the CoolBag Gen2 are more than adequate to deter that type of thief.

Overall, then, we like the CoolBag Gen2. It’s a good, sturdy tote bag that will keep your drinks cool and your belongings safe!

CoolBag Gen 2 – Product Summary:
CoolBag Gen 2 Anti-Theft Travel Tote
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CoolBag Gen 2 Anti-Theft Travel Tote
  • COMBINATION LOCK ZIPPER -- Puncture-proof zipper and easy-to-set, hidden combination lock to safeguard contents; registerable, retrievable combination to ease inconvenience in case of forgotten code
  • SECURITY MEASURES – Light-weight, cut-resistant liner to protect contents;  detachable, padded cable straps that attach bag to stationary objects for security; inside RFID pocket to protect passport, cards, and keys
  • ORGANIZATIONAL SUPPORT – Roomy interior that includes inside mesh pockets to store small items and padded section for electronic devices; outside magazine pockets convertible to provide handy over-the-luggage-handle carrying. The CoolBag comes accepted by the TSA as a carry-on item!
  • OUTER BAG DURABILITY, CONVENIENCE and COMFORT -- 100% UV-resistant polyester bag with water- and stain-resistant panels, easily-accessible and expandable beverage side pockets, and cushioned, fitted backpack straps

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