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Different Types and Features of Security Alarm Systems

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Types and Features of Security Alarm Systems

Guest Post By: Ariana Mortenson

Home and security alarm systems have become necessary in the modern world. Whether to track illegal intrusions or to get alerts when thieves break in – alarm systems are all the rage now.

When you install an alarm system, you can go to sleep at night peacefully. You don’t have to fear that your family is in danger while you are away from home. Installing the right security system makes all the difference in securing your home.

However, you may quickly get frustrated when you see the plethora of security alarms options that are available in the market. So, how to choose the right one? First, you have to know what different types of alarms are available and also have to weigh their pros and cons. knowing this information will allow you to choose the relevant home security alarm system.

So, read here the types and their advantages and disadvantages and how they can help you make an informed decision:

Types of Security Alarm Systems

1. Local Alarm Systems

Local alarm systems are the most basic type of alarm available in the market. They consist of sensors that you can place them on doors and windows.

Even the functioning of it is also simple. It contains a circuit, and when an external force breaks the circuit, an alarm will sound, alerting you to the forceful entry to your home.


  • Very cost-effective
  • Easy to operate


  • No monitoring option available
  • Disabling this alarm is easy
  • Reliable security is not achieved
  • Run-on batteries rather than electricity

This option is better when you are low on budget or if you want a temporary solution. Other than these reasons, a local alarm security system is not always the best option.

2. Wired Alarm Systems

Unlike in local alarms, a wired system runs on mains supply electricity. They consist of a control panel, sensors, and motion detectors as well. Even the cameras that come with this type of system run on mains electricity.

Wired alarms also usually have a monitoring system, which means, the security company alerts you whenever there is an intrusion in your property. And the emergency services will be called when there is an unknown emergency at your home.

You are alerted by a loud alarm when someone trips the wired system. You will have time to take necessary actions before the situation can get worse.


  • A much better option than local alarms
  • Available at a moderate and affordable price
  • Don’t run on batteries, so no worry about running out of power


  • The installation process is long and hard
  • Requires a professional to fix the wired system
  • Need to drill holes wherever possible
  • Have to bear additional charges on installation
3. Wireless Alarm Systems

The wireless system is advanced and works with battery power. The operation of wireless alarm systems is similar to that of the wired alarm systems.

You can also install cameras with this type of system, even though the alarm system is wireless. Wireless alarm systems also often come with an optional monitoring system that emergency companies can use to reach you when there’s any need.


  • Very popular in the market
  • Packing is easy when you move to another home
  • Installation is relatively easy (but seeking expert help is recommended)


  • As they are battery-controlled, you must remember to replace the batteries
  • Wireless equipment can be costly

All these types of alarm systems can be modified with some features to provide you with even a better security system, which brings us to the next topic.

The Features of The Security Alarm System

Besides the basic features like the alarm siren, security cameras, monitoring options, motion detectors, and sensors, you can also upgrade some security systems with the following features. They are:

• Text alert and speech dial

Installing this feature will automatically contact the people on your emergency contacts list. When the system gets tripped with any forceful entry, you will automatically get a call or text and you can act immediately to remedy the situation.

When you install this feature, see that the company is linked to the local police department if you want the system to alert the police too.

• Security lights

This feature works on sensors. When there is a motion, the lights automatically light up without you having to fumble with the switches in the dark. Also, the lights will turn on when any person is moving near your property.

• Energy managing options

With energy managing features, you can operate your electronics and thermostat when you are away from home. When you forget to turn off the motion-sensing lights, you can manage them with this feature.

• Slip and fall alert system

Suppose you have older people living with you. Sometimes, a senior person may slip and fall in the bathroom, kitchen or anywhere in the home. They may not be able to get up, pick up a phone and call you. So, when you install this feature and your elderly family member keeps the device nearby, they only need to press the button that triggers the alarm system and you will receive a call or text alerting you.

Final thoughts:

It’s beneficial for you to install the security alarm systems, especially when your area is prone to burglary. However, the additional features you can install provide you with many uses other than offering security. If you have decided what you want to buy, then the next for you to do is search for the best company that provides the best security alarms.

Author Bio:

Ariana Mortenson

I’m Ariana Mortenson, a professional writer and blogger by profession. I write on various niches like home improvement, safety, interiors, and other topics, in a way that is understandable and appealing. I aim to achieve a difference through my writing, which allows you to make informed and valuable choices.