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Disklok Car Steering Wheel Lock Review

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Disklok Car Steering Wheel Lock

Disklok Car Steering Wheel Lock, Car Security, Auto Security, Steering Wheel LockThe Disklok Car Steering Wheel Lock is a physical locking mechanism that fits over the steering wheel. Steering locks are nothing new, but this one is a bit different, which is why we chose to give it its own feature page.

The Disklok Car Steering Wheel Lock completely covers the steering wheel. It’s the only steering lock that does that. It’s a patented design that has several advantages over the old-style steering locks. The device is a UK product that is available in the US on Amazon.

The unique design of the Disklok Car Steering Wheel Lock and the very high quality of the product, makes it a car security product worth taking a closer look at. But before we get to the review of the Disklok, here’s why products of this type are still relevant today.


Why There’s Still a Need for Steering Wheel Locks

You might have thought that improvements in technology have made cars more secure. That certainly appeared to be the case until a few years ago. Up until 2016, car theft appeared to have become unfashionable amongst thieves. Probably because it had become too difficult, and therefore too risky.

Between 1991 and 2015, the number of motor vehicle thefts dropped from an all-time high of 1.7 million in 1991 to a low of 713,000 in 2015. The National Insurance Crime Bureau attributed that drop to a combination of improved security technology, and the efforts of law enforcement agencies and insurance organizations. What is surprising, though, is that the number of car thefts is now on the rise again. In 2017, the total number of motor vehicle thefts had risen back up to 773,000, and that upward trend is continuing.

So, why is auto-theft on the increase again? The answer is probably that the thieves have caught up with the technology. They have also changed their method of operation to get around the new security features. Car thieves no longer want to hot-wire a car and speed off with it. They are more likely to steal the original keys to the car, use duplicate keys, or hack into a car’s keyless security system. That way, they get away with the car quickly and quietly, and they don’t damage the vehicle breaking into it.

As good as the technology gets, thieves will always try to beat it. Security alarms and smart locks are useless if the thief has the keys for the vehicle or they can bypass the keyless entry system. That’s why physical deterrents like a steering wheel locks are becoming popular again.

Disklok Car Steering Wheel Lock Review

Disklok Car Steering Wheel Lock, Car Security, Auto Security, Steering Wheel LockThe Disklok Car Steering Wheel Lock is a circular steel case that opens in the middle to fit over the steering wheel. Attached to the top of the disk is a steel arm. This will hit ether the windshield or the driver’s knees when the steering wheel is turned. Once fitted, the Disklok turns freely around the steering wheel until the steel arm stops it turning. That free movement prevents the steering wheel turning at all. It also prevents damage to steering if the thief attempts to force it.

The fact that the Disklok covers the entire steering wheel has several benefits. Firstly, it is very visible. So, hopefully, it will deter many thieves from even to try to steal the vehicle. The full covering also makes it very difficult to prize the device off the steering wheel. There’s nowhere to insert tools and get any leverage. The other big benefit of this design is that it will prevent the theft of the airbag. Airbag theft is becoming a very popular crime.

The Disklok is very strong. It is made from hardened steel. The device has been tested and approved by Thatcham Research, which is a UK independent vehicle testing organization. It is one of only two aftermarket locks for cars that the organization recommends. The Disklok Car Steering Wheel Lock will stand up to attempts to break it with hand tools. It will even withstand power tools for a long enough to deter a thief.

There are different sizes of Disklok to fit different types of cars. It will fit most vehicles with steering wheels measuring between 13.7 and 15.3 inches. The device comes with three keys, which of course should be kept in three different secure locations. Just in case you lose one of the keys.

Here’s a short promotional Video about the product:

Disklok Car Steering Wheel Lock – The Verdict

The Disklok Car Steering Wheel Lock is one of the best physical auto theft products on the market. It’s well-made and the design is unique. On the negative side, it is quite heavy. But that’s to be expected with such a tough product.

If you drive a car with keyless entry system, the Disklok would be a very wise investment. The same would be the case if you own a valuable older car that doesn’t have modern locks and a modern alarm system. Another good reason to buy the Disklok Car Steering Wheel Lock would be to prevent airbag theft. Especially as replacement airbags can cost as much as $1,000!

The Disklok Car Steering Wheel Lock Is not the cheapest steering wheel lock on the market. In fact, it’s way more expensive than some. You can get steering wheel locks for under $20, but don’t expect too much from a lock like that. If you want a steering wheel lock that will do a better job of deterring and preventing the theft of your vehicle, spend a bit more and get the Disklok Car Steering Wheel Lock.

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