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Explore How a Firm’s Network Security Infrastructure Can Be Improved

Last Updated on January 4, 2022

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How a Firm’s Network Security Infrastructure Can Be Improved

Guest Post By: Suchita Gupta

Almost all the small and big enterprises nowadays require an enhanced network security solution in order to protect integrity, accessibility, and confidentiality from numerous cyber threats. Network security can be referred to as a set of rules and configurations that covers several processes, technologies, and devices.

Security Networking More Complex Than a Decade Ago

Modern businesses must offer secured connectivity to the growing ecosystem of mobiles and IoT devices that constitutes the ‘everywhere perimeter’. However, security networking has become far more complex now than it was a decade ago. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to remote work globally, which in turn, has increased the number of cybercrimes across the world. This has sequentially boosted the need for network security to be pervasive and based on zero trust.

A zero-trust infrastructure is made upon the idea of least privilege and is created to ensure easy access to specific resources. In such a scenario, network security can be expanded by deploying a ‘network DVR’ to record all authentication processes for every gadget and location, thereby, ensuring to have a forensic record.

75% of Enterprises Plan to Implement Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Moreover, IBM has announced that more than 75% of the enterprises across the globe are planning to implement Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) in the upcoming year. So, to leverage this and maximize its zero-trust plan capabilities, IBM broadcasted the launch of new SASE services to help organizations install cloud-delivered security systems at the edge. It must be noted that implementing a zero-trust infrastructure, a fundamental element of SASE, is an essential step for all the firms adopting SASE.

SASE Offers Better and More Flexible Connectivity

SASE is a technology that can offer better and more flexible ways to connect users and locations to data centers and cloud resources than traditional network systems. This approach can resolve a firm’s critical problems regarding visibility, performance, and security consistency. This IBM network security approach can support business drivers including hybrid workforce, third party access, execution of mergers & acquisitions, network transformation for 5G, IoT devices, hybrid cloud, and others.

Access to the Hybrid Workforce

The network access solution provided by IBM can easily replace ordinary VPN connectivity because the IBM network approach is based on zero trust methods that provide better protection and faster support than traditional VPN connectivity. Through this, firms get a flexible and scalable cloud-delivered access solution that can be adapted to employees alternating between working in and working out of the workplace.

Access to The Third Party

The network access solution provided by IBM allows enterprises to define and maximize internal workforce policies to third-party users or contractors. This needs to be done with an equivalent level of authentication. This IBM solution offers visibility and control over who can see sensitive data. In fact, enterprises can have their own ability to set up individual policies by type of user, group and application, etc.

Mergers & Acquisitions

IBM can prepare integrated access management by using a firm’s existing identity provider solution with the other firms involved in a merger or acquisition. This in turn, can speed up the access and transition for employees of both organizations.

Network Transformation

Through IBM, enterprises can transform their network from an ordinary or traditional model to advanced cloud-based infrastructure. This approach comes in their overall SASE implementation strategy and is supported by cloud-delivered network security, thereby, can help in providing lesser latency, more cost savings than traditional network systems.

5G, IoT Protection & Support

IBM enables edge computing to receive branch to cloud protection and enterprises use integrated edge computing security from the full fledge SASE solution, which further enables a few additional IoT business drivers.

Large Enterprises Looking for a Centralized Toolkit

The large enterprises in the world are looking for a centralized toolkit to protect and monitor traffic at the same time across the whole organization. Therefore, SASE is providing a wide array of services that are unified & integrated solutions and allow firms to have consistent access control.

Global Network Security Market to Reach $63,398 million

According to a report published by Allied Market Research, the global network security market size is registered to reach $63,398 million with a considerable CAGR from 2020 to 2027.

Owing to work from home policy everywhere during the pandemic, a strong reliance on cloud and digital systems has increased the number of cyberattacks. This has led to huge losses, in terms of both economic and social scenarios across the world. To prevent such losses, enterprises have invested large amounts in their network security systems, which in turn, has created growth prospects of the global network security market in more than one way.

With this drift on board, network security has become an important part of every organization now. The adoption of these software and platforms are in huge demand as it ensures effective functioning throughout the process. This way, the global network security market is anticipated to gather exponential growth in the near future.

Image source: Pixabay.

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Suchita Gupta, How a Firm’s Network Security Infrastructure Can Be Improved

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