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EYSOFT Webcam Cover Review

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EYSOFT Webcam Cover

Sometimes, you come across a product that makes you think; “What a wonderful idea!” Well, the EYSOFT Webcam Cover is one of those products.

Unless, of course, you already knew that you could buy webcam covers. In which case, you may want to skip this EYSOFT Webcam Cover Review!

Those of you have never thought about who might be spying on you through your webcam might want to read on. As might those of you have a piece of gum or tape stuck over their webcam!

Why Should You Worry About Your Web Cam?

EYSOFT Webcam Cover, Online Safety, Online Security, Webcam Covers, If you worry about hackers spying on you through your webcam, you are not paranoid. It does happen.

Hackers use malware software to gain control of your webcam.

You won’t even notice the little light coming on that warns you the webcam is in use. The hackers take care of that.

Some hackers do it for kicks. Others do it to see get hold of your passwords and steal your identity. Some hackers will take compromising pictures of you and then blackmail you.

Whatever the motive, it is disturbing to think that someone might be watching you, right now.

What is the EYSOFT Webcam Cover?

EYSOFT Webcam Cover, Online Safety, Online Security, Webcam Covers, There is no need for any great technical explanation in this review! Like so many great products, the EYSOFT Webcam Cover is a very simple device.

The EYSOFT Webcam Cover is a sliding cover that fits over your webcam. It is suitable for use on laptops, PCs, tablets and smart phones.

The gadget sticks to the phone or computer with 3M adhesive tape. When you want to use the webcam, you slide the cover open., When you don’t, you slide the cover closed.


The Webcam Cover doesn’t stop you closing the lid of a laptop. The slider is only 0.022 inches thick. Once installed, the cover doesn’t get in the way of using the camera at all. It also looks a lot nicer than a piece of tape or a blob of Blu Tack stuck over the webcam.

Do you ever take your phone in the bath with you? Are you someone who answers your emails in the morning before you get dressed? Do you use online banking? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to prevent hackers spying on you.

The EYSOFT Webcam Cover is a simple solution to a very real problem. We can’t say much more than that about this neat little product. But, if you don’t already cover up your webcam, you might want to get yourself an EYSOFT webcam cover!

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