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Good Door Security is a Must to Keep Young Children Safe

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Door Security is a Must to Keep Young Children Safe

Guest Post By: Jess Authelet

Teaching good security habits should start from the moment children can pick up their toys and open the door. But before we get to the teaching part, it’s important to have the right security in place for keeping children safe.

So what should you look for to ensure that you have the right door security? Let’s show you how with these simple tips.

Door Lock

As children learn how to open doors it is important for them to learn how to lock a door too. This sounds simple in theory. But in the midst of excitement and energy children may not always stop to think. So, as they run in and out of the house in excitement, they will often forget to lock the door. If this is the case in your home, the best solution to this is to opt for a door lock that locks the moment the door closes. A single-cylinder door lock is perfect. This type of lock will stay locked from the outside whenever the door shuts. Plus, it doesn’t need a key from the inside to lock/unlock, it can be opened using a thumb-turn style lever instead. Now it will be only a matter of teaching when is it a good time to open the door and when it is not.

Or Smart Lock

For older children, a smart door lock is even better. It provides you with convenience and peace of mind as there’s no need to worry about anyone losing keys. You can manage who has access via your smartphone. Another benefit is that you can also check the logs at any time to see when family members arrive home. Gaining entry can be through PIN. For those old enough to have their own smartphone (and not lose it), Bluetooth can be used as a method to gain entry. Most smart door locks will have an auto-lock feature, so you don’t need to worry about double-checking if the door is locked.

Video Doorbell

Teaching children what to do when someone is at the door can be tricky. It means teaching who they can open the door to and situations when they shouldn’t. Make this easier by installing a video doorbell. This will allow your children to see who is outside without opening the door. They can show you who is outside via the app to get the go-ahead to open the door. Video doorbells also allow your children to communicate with whoever is outside. Although, teaching your children who they can speak to and what they can say via this, is crucial to maintaining good home security.

Or Door Peep Viewer

Alternatively, if you are after a non-technological answer, the door peep viewer is the next best thing. Keep this at a height your children can use. Otherwise, there’s no point in installing it if it’s out of reach for them. Remember you can always change the door once they’ve grown taller. It’s a small price to pay to maintain good door security habits.

Last to note, door security is only one element in teaching children good security habits. Children are always keen to learn, so get them involved in your daily security routines. From locking windows and checking the status of your security alarm. Remember it is up to the whole family to help keep the home secure.

Image source: Nenad Maric from Pixabay

Author Bio:

Jess Authelet

Jess Authelet is part of the Secure Your World team, Australia’s first online marketplace for all things security. Its broad range of products and services helps Australians feel safe and secure at home, work, school, in the car and outside.