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Halloween Safety Tips for Kids & Grownups

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Halloween Safety Tips

Kids love Halloween. It’s a magical night that is full of fun and frights. For the moms and dads, though, it’s a night that they must draw a fine line between giving their kids the freedom to have a great time and keeping their children safe.

We don’t want to spoil the party atmosphere, but here’s a few troubling statistics for you. According to the National Safety Council, 7,330 pedestrians died on Halloween night 2016. According to Safe Kids Worldwide, twice as many children die walking around the streets on Halloween night than on any other night of the year.

Of course, most children have a wonderful time on Halloween, with no problems at all. But, to make sure that your kids have a safe Halloween this year, here’s some Halloween safety tips for kids and grownups.


Halloween Costume Safety Tips

Halloween costumes are all part of the fun, but they can be dangerous. Your child needs to be visible at night, and they need a costume that won’t be a danger to themselves, or to anyone else. Here are some Halloween safety tips tips on how to make sure your children’s Halloween costumes are safe.

Buy Halloween Costumes That are Flame Resistant

When you are buying Halloween costumes for your children, make sure that everything you buy is flame resistant. Very cheap Halloween costumes and Halloween masks could be a serious fire risk.

Buy Soft Accessories

Only buy Halloween accessories, like swords, pitchforks and wands, that are soft and pliable. Hard. Sharp objects could pose a danger to other kids and to your own child.

Keep it Bright

Choose a Halloween costume that is brightly colored. That will make it easier for car drivers to see your child. All-black Halloween costumes may look great, but they will make your child almost invisible in the dark.

Light Them Up

To make kids more visible on Halloween night, give them a flashlight to carry, or light sticks. You could also sew on some reflective material onto their Halloween costume. You can get some nice Halloween themed safety products that will help make sure that your child can be seen in the dark.

Avoid Masks that Restrict Vision

Avoid Halloween masks that restrict your child’s vision. They will need to be able to see traffic on the roads, and they will need to be able to see where they are walking. The safest option is to use makeup instead of a mask. If your child does wear Halloween mask, make sure that your child can see and hear everything when they are wearing the mask.

Keep the Costumes Short

Make sure that your kid’s Halloween costumes fit them. Long, flowing costumes, or costumes that don’t fit, may get caught on things and may trip up your children. Short, tight-fitting costumes are usually the safest.

Check that face paint is non-toxic

Read the label of face paints before you use them. Make sure that they state that the face paint is non-toxic. Avoid the very cheap face paints. They may not follow the safety guidelines for kid’s products. It’s a good idea to test any makeup on a small area of skin first.

Buy a Luminous Trick or Treat Candy Bag

You will make your kids more visible in the dark if you buy them a luminous or glowing candy bucket or bag for Halloween. They don’t cost a lot more than the regular kind and they are a lot safer.


Halloween Safety Tips for Trick or Treating

Trick or Treating is one of the best things about Halloween for kids. Most people agree that children under the age of twelve should be supervised by an adult. But, as kids get older, they are not going to want an adult hanging around spoiling the fun. The biggest danger on Halloween night is that, in all the excitement, children forget all about the simple safety rules. So, here are some trick or treat Halloween safety tips that will keep kids safe on Halloween.

Adult Supervision for the Under Twelves

Trick or treating is much more fun in a group and being in a group is a lot safer for the kids. So, get into the spirit of things, get a Halloween costume, and join in the fun. Children under twelve years old ought to be supervised by an adult on Halloween night. You can still stay in the background and let the youngsters take the lead. Don’t forget to take your cell phone. You’ll need it for pictures and it you may need it in an emergency.

Plan A Route in Advance

Plan a route for your children to take and tell them they must stick to it. This will allow you to make sure they avoid any busy roads or dark areas. It will also ensure that you know where to start looking if your kids don’t come home on time.

Stay on the Sidewalks

Don’t forget all the basic road safety rules on Halloween night. Kids can get very excited on the night and they might rush across a road without looking. Children should stay on the sidewalks. If they need to cross a road, they need to check for traffic first. Make sure that your kids know to look left, look right, look left again, before they cross a road.

Don’t Cut Across Yards

Cutting across yards can be dangerous. There may be trip hazards that you can’t see in the dark. It may also annoy people who aren’t into Halloween as much as your kids are.

Stay in Well-Lit Areas

Children who go out on their own should keep to well-lit areas. That will avoid them tripping on anything and it will help car drivers see them. It is also advisable to only approach homes that are well-lit.

Never Go Inside a Home a Car for a Treat

Kid’s should be told never to enter a stranger’s home or car, however tempting the treats on offer might look. Children need to follow the same rules about strangers as they would on any other day.

Stay with the Group

It is advisable that children stay in a group and don’t wander off on their own when they are trick or treating. If they are old enough to go trick or treating without you, use the buddy system to ensure that kids look out for each other.

Carry A Cell Phone

At least one person in the group should have a cell phone with them for emergencies. Ideally, all kids should carry a cell phone with them in case they do get separated from the group.

Don’t Eat Any Candy Until You Get Home

You should check any treats that your child has been given before they eat it. It is advisable to discard any candy that is not in a wrapper. Unless you know where it has come from, homemade treats are not advisable either. If you have very young children, watch out for choking hazards as well. If your child has allergies, read the ingredients of any treats carefully before you let your child eat them.


Halloween Safety Tips for the Home

Halloween means that you are likely to have young children knocking at your door, so you will want to make it as safe for them as possible to do so. Here are a few things that you can do to prepare your home for trick or treaters.

Clean Up the Yard

If you are expecting kids to come calling on Halloween, make sure that you clean up your front yard. Remove any trip hazards, like bikes and garden hoses. Sweep leaves from the sidewalk and do a quick safety check before the kids start to come around.

Think About Safety with Your Halloween Decorations

Think about safety when you put up Halloween decorations inside or outside of your home. Decorations inside the home should be flame resistant. Outside the home, make sure that none of your decorations could be a danger to the trick or treaters. And, be careful with those candles!

Keep the Lights On

Turn on the lights on your porch and outside your home. It will be more welcoming, and it will help stop kids tripping over anything.

Keep Pets Indoors

Keep pets under control on Halloween, especially dogs. Pets can become frightened by all the commotion on Halloween. You don’t want your dog getting out of control and biting a child.

Jack-O-Lantern safety

The carving of a Jack-O-lantern is best left to the adults. Let the kids decorate it with glitter, paint or markers. Alternatively, you can buy Jack-O-Lantern lamps instead.

Be Careful with Candles

If you are using candles in your Jack-O-Lantern, make sure that it can’t fall over, and ensure that it is clear of flammable objects like drapes and furniture. Even better, use glow sticks or a flashlight instead of candles.

Only Give out Treats That Parents Will Approve Of

Our advice is that kids should not eat anything they are given on Halloween until they get home. However, some kids will. So, only give kids wrapped candy that you know is safe. Avoid home-made treats, unwrapped food or anything that parents might not approve of. Also, be aware that some kids may have allergies, so avoid common allergens like nuts. Also, don’t hand out anything that could be a choking hazard to young children.

Thanks for reading.

Have a great Halloween!


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