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How to Assure Your Kids Safety in School

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Kids Safety in School

Guest Post By: Christine Mauris

As people grow up, one of the things they wish to accomplish is having a family and raising kids. When they do have kids, parents become very protective. This is because of the love they have for their kids. Even though this is important, one thing is for sure; you cannot be everywhere your kid is. One example of such places is school.

All in all, parents feel that they should do something to ensure that their kids are safe in school. If you are one of these parents and have been worrying about how you can assure your kid’s safety in school, do not worry. Here are some things you can do.

Main image supplied by: Christine Mauris.

1. Talk to Your Child

Children love to play around and socialize both verbally and physically. They are outgoing people who love to express themselves. Now, this is what you use to ensure the safety of your kid in school. Sit down with your kid and having a meaningful and open conversation about school safety. When you are explaining to them a thing or two on safety in school, you will find them opening up, and you can continue from there.

2. Make Use of Existing Technology Devices

Nowadays, many devices can help you monitor and keep track of your kid. A good example is a smartwatch. With this, you and keep track of your child by knowing exactly where they are in real-time.

3. Do not Label Your Child’s Clothes/Belongings

Labeling clothes and belongings is an excellent way of ensuring that your kid does not lose his/her property. However, this can be costly. This is because a stranger can just call him/her by name and try to warm up to him/her while having wrong intentions in mind.

4. Enroll Your Kid for Summer Programs

Many schools offer summer programs for kids during the holidays, simply because they are known to offer so many benefits to the kids. One of them is that the child gets to interact and get to know their teachers better. It also helps them to make friends and settle well in school. This goes a long way in ensuring that your child is always safe as he/she will have someone looking after him/her closely (teacher). It also helps because he/she will always be around friends, making it difficult for a stranger to harm him/her.

5. Pay Attention

As your child grows, you will see that they are used to doing things in a certain way, whether it is eating, playing, sleeping, or anything else. Once you have this in mind, it will be easy to notice changes. Therefore, you should pay attention to your child. If you see that they are adopting queer behaviors, inquire as to why. He/she may be experiencing safety issues at school and does not know how to deal with them.

6. Create A Safety Action Plan For Your Kid

Here a safety plan is a set of procedures/steps that need to be taken in case a safety issue arises in school. A good example is in cases where your child has a chronic condition or allergies. In this case, you can go to the school clinic. You can then talk to the school nurse or doctor and show them the steps to follow in case anything related to the conditions arises.


Many parents take their kids to school to learn and have a bright future. All of this is challenging if the child’s safety in school is compromised. Therefore, it is vital to have safety measures in place. As a parent, you can start by talking to your child and allowing them to open up to you. You can create a safety plan, pay attention to them, and make use of technological devices.

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Christine Mauris

Our thanks to Christing Mauris for providing us with this informative article.

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