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How to Combat Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Guest Post By: Angie Ambos, HIPAA Exams

Are you struggling with sexual harassment in the workplace?

Sexual harassment at work not only disrupts workers’ safety. It also creates a massive effect on both employee performance and the company. If you’re a business owner, your workers’ safety must be a priority.

Find out how you can combat sexual harassment while working in this article below and why sexual harassment training is essential.

Know Your Rights

One of the best things you can do to fight sexual harassment in the workplace is to know your rights as an employee. Many workers that fall victim to workplace harassment are unaware of company policies.

You can avoid getting into a situation like this by knowing your rights and exercise them. A thorough reading of your company’s policy will also help you defend your case if anything happens. Make sure that you understood your company’s policy on harassment and get a copy of it.

Speak Up Against Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment at work is more on reinforcing power rather than sexual interest. Victims often stay silent about their experiences in fear of getting laid off from work.

Speaking out against these cases, whether you are the victim or a witness, is an important step for your company. It also gives other victims the strength and support to come out and file reports.

Doing this can also increase awareness in this type of situation. The more people are aware of sexual harassment happening within their workplace. The harder it is for bigger companies to turn a blind eye to the matter.

File a Report to HR

When you get harassed or bullied in your company, don’t hesitate to file a report. This can be to your company’s HR Department, boss, or other high-ranking employees.

Keep in mind to report your case in writing, be it by e-mail or letter, and make copies of it. This will help as evidence, should you ever need it. Before taking legal actions outside of work, get your cases resolved within the company first.

That way, your company’s HR teams or boss can give the necessary penalties to your offender. Your report can also help other workers get employee training on sexual harassment at work.

Call For a Proper Investigation

Companies may brush off sexual harassment reports from their employees due to a lack of evidence. Although most of the time, this is only a reason to avoid problems that may arise if the offender is in a high position.

When you are a victim or witness of sexual harassment, call for your company’s HR department. Ask them to do a serious, in-depth investigation of your complaint. That way, you can prove that your claim and the evidence you provided are true.

Fighting Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Knowing your rights and speaking out are only the first steps to fighting sexual harassment in the workplace. Don’t settle in fear. Instead, take a step into making a difference. Find out more about workplace safety and build a safer environment today.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.

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Angie Ambos, HIPAA Exams

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