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How to Detect Hidden Spy Cameras in Your Airbnb Rental

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How to Detect Hidden Spy Cameras

There have been many cases of guests reporting hidden spy cameras in their Airbnb rentals, and those cases are only the tip of the iceberg. Sometimes Airbnb hosts install hidden cameras to protect their property. Sometimes, though, there are more sinister reasons why an Airbnb host will install hidden cameras.

Whether hosts have installed hidden spy cameras for legitimate or nefarious reasons, it is still an intrusion on guests’ privacy. According to the Airbnb rules, hosts must disclose if there are recording devices in the property. And the Airbnb rules state that cameras must not be placed bedrooms and bathrooms.

The rules do not guarantee, though, that there will not be someone spying on you as you enjoy your time in an Airbnb property. So, how do you detect hidden spy cameras in your Airbnb rental? Here is a guide on how to find any hidden cameras that may have been placed in your Airbnb or hotel room.

Look for Anything that Looks Out of Place

The first way to detect hidden spy cameras in your Airbnb is to visually scan around the room looking for anything that looks like it does not belong.

Spy cameras can be hidden in everyday objects, such as picture frames, clocks, and USB chargers. Sometimes those objects must be placed in unusual locations so that the person can get the right camera angle.

So, if you see a picture frame angled directly at the shower, you might want to ask yourself why. Or is a smoke alarm appears to have been installed in an unusual position, you might want to look for a camera inside.

Turn Off the Lights and Look for Blinking LEDs

Not all cameras are as covert as people think. If someone has installed a regular WIFI security camera in your Airbnb, there is a good chance that you see the LED indicator lights on the camera of you look for them.

Close the curtains of the room and switch off all the lights. Then, cast your eyes around looking for the flash of red or green light. Some security camera indicator lights change from green to red as the camera switches to infrared night-vision.


If the camera in your Airbnbnb is a motion-activated device, you may be able to hear the electric motor as the camera follows you move around a room. The sound will be very faint, but if you do hear a noise when you walk from one side of the room to another, there may be a hidden spy camera following you.

Look for Wires

Not all spy cameras are battery-operated wireless devices, so look for any wires coming out of objects that should not have wires. It sounds daft, but if a plant pot or picture frame has wires attached to it, there has got to be something going on!

Scan for Radio Signals

One way to detect WIFI hidden spy cameras in your Airbnb Rental is to use an RF detector to scan for any radio or Bluetooth signals. A Digital RF Detector will pick up the signals from WiFi cameras and hidden listening devices. However, this method of finding spy cameras will not detect wired-in hidden cameras.

Listen for Interference on Your Mobile Phone

The radio signals of a hidden spy camera will often cause interference on your phone. So, phone someone you know, walk around your Airbnb and listen out for any interruption to your mobile signal. If you seem to get interference every time you approach an object in a room, that object warrants further investigation.

Check Openings and Holes

The less sophisticated voyeur may not go the trouble of buying a spy camera disguised as an everyday object, they may simply hide a camera in an air vent, or inside a locked drawer or cupboard. If you are worried that there may be a spy camera hidden somewhere in your Airbnb, double-check any openings or holes that look suspicious.

Get a Professional Hidden Spy Camera Detector

By far, the best way to check a hotel room or Airbnb rental for hidden spy cameras is to invest in a professional spy camera detector. If you do a lot of traveling, a hidden camera detector will give you will give you peace of mind that you can sleep safely and privately in your bed.

The most reliable types of spy camera detectors are those that use special bright-red LED strobe lights designed to bounce off the smallest of camera lenses. You simply scan around the room looking through the device, and the light flashing back at you from a hidden camera lens will soon help you detect hidden spy cameras in your Airbnb rental or hotel room.

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