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How to Keep Kids Safe When Camping

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How to Keep Kids Safe When Camping

Guest Post By: John Gibson Enterprises, Inc.

A camping trip is one of the greatest things a child can experience, creating memories that last a lifetime. Camping instills in children a love of nature, respect for the environment, and an appreciation for living independently. But perhaps more than anything, a camping adventure is fun. Children experience new things that captivate their imagination and fill them with wonder.

But for children to get the most out of a camping excursion, adults must take all the proper safety precautions. Being unprepared, in terms of gear and guidelines, can result in unsafe conditions that could expose children to serious danger.

The infographic below, Safety Guide to Camping with Children, is essential reading for any parent or other adult charged with the care of children on a camping trip. If you’re used to adult-only camping, you may not have considered some basic but important details — and even if you have camped with children, you’ll want to make sure you haven’t overlooked something crucial.

Children are quick to appreciate the beauty of nature but are apt to overlook the danger. Naturally, you don’t want to terrify a child before the trip even starts by ticking off a laundry list of horrible events that could occur, like being eaten by a bear or drowned in a roaring river. Nevertheless, it’s important to set safety ground rules before and during the camping trip in no uncertain terms.

Children may instinctively realize that a campfire is dangerous but may not understand that eating something that looks like a blueberry could mean a trip to the hospital. The best course of action, as the infographic explains, is to set firm, black-and-white rules, to take as much safety guesswork out of the equation.

As for gear, there are some very nifty tools out there that make the camping adventure not only safer, but also a whole lot easier. Using a compact, foldable highchair to keep a baby or toddler off the ground is one of those things you don’t think about too much in the house but is indispensable on a camping trip. Keep your baby away from dirt and bugs and prevent the little one from crawling off into who knows what.

Another cool tool is a childproof barbecue lighter that makes meal prep and campfire building super-safe. Check out lighters with a biometric fingerprint feature. These nifty gadgets have a sensor that “reads” the adult’s fingerprint before it will ignite. Child-resistant lighters are not as safe as this one!

To learn more about how to make your next camping trip a safe one, please continue reading below.

How to Keep Kids Safe When Camping, kid’s safety, children’s safety, camping safety, outdoors safetyInfographic Courtesy of: John Gibson Enterprises, Inc.

Header image by Brahmsee from Pixabay.

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John Gibson Enterprises, Inc.

Our thanks to John Gibson Enterprises, Inc for providing us with these useful tips on how to keep kids safe when camping.

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