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How to Keep Your Employees Safe

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How to Keep Your Employees Safe

Safety is the most important thing in the workplace. Your employees could be endangered by any number of things: natural disasters, fires, hostile individuals, and a host of other emergency and non-emergency situations. If you’re going to have happy and productive employees, you’ve got to make sure that they feel secure.

Here are some tips on how to keep your employees safe.

Never Sacrifice Safety for Speed

In a perfect world, your employees would work at breakneck speed and finish their tasks ahead of schedule, and safely. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. There will be times when you company falls behind on its workload. As a leader, your gut instinct might be to push your employees to work faster to make up time.

This can be dangerous in some workplaces, like an industrial setting where there’s tools and heavy machinery. No death or maiming is worth getting tasks done on time. Always make sure that your employees are adhering to safety procedures, even if that means that they’ll work at a slower pace.

Teach Awareness

In the daily grind of the workplace, it’s easy to forget about safety hazards. Teach employees to be aware of any and all hazards in the office. It’s best to keep this information in the employee handbook for reference.

You should also teach your employees to be aware of external hazards. Remind everyone to report strange behavior in or around the workplace. If there are suspicious characters loitering nearby, you want to know about it so that you can contact the police or instruct employees to keep collective watch.

Try and have a safety seminar every quarter so your employees can review what sorts of things to be on the lookout for. Of course, you can always invest in practical safety technologies for your office. Install cameras in the office and outside of it, and have something akin to a home security system that’ll keep the workplace safe in the later hours.

Run Background Checks on Prospective Hires

Always run background checks on job candidates before you offer them a position. This is one of the easiest ways to avoid hiring troublesome, or even criminal employees. Most small businesses don’t want to hire anyone who has a criminal history, especially one with violent crimes. These people could pose a risk to your employees and to your business, and their presence alone could make other employees uncomfortable and disrupt the work environment.

The easiest way to do a background check is to enlist a company that runs small business background checks. Once the job candidate signs off on the background check, the company will use candidate’s personal information to dig into their legal history. If a job candidate refuses to sign off on a background check, there’s no penalty for refusing to offer a position to that candidate.

Develop Drills and Planning

Have your office practice emergency drills. These drills can be tedious and they take time out of the work day, but they’re an important way to prepare your employees for any situation that could happen in the office. You should practice these drills quarterly.

Designate Team Leaders

Things can get hectic in an emergency situation. To improve communicativeness in such an environment, designate team leaders in your office. Team leaders could be in charge of a specific group of employees and making sure that those employees are safe and accounted for. Any situation could be made more manageable by breaking the office down into smaller units led by your team leaders.

Safely Plan Terminations of Violent Employees

One of the most difficult situations a business could face is having to fire a potentially violent employee who might seek retribution against the company in hostile ways. If you’re in this situation, it’s advisable for you to consult standard industry practices on how to terminate the employee in a way that does not invoke hostility. It’s difficult to do and you’ll have to carefully plan out the process. You can also get assistance from termination advisors who will help you conduct the termination in the best possible way.

Safety in the Workplace, Workplace Safety, Employee Safety

Accept That Anything Could Happen in Your Workplace

Know that anything could happen in or around the workplace. It’s unpleasant to think about any harm coming to your employees (except the ones you hate), but only then will you take the initiative to plan safety procedures that’ll keep everyone as safe as possible.

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