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How to Maintain School Security and Discipline with the Help of CCTV Cameras?

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How to Maintain School Security and Discipline with the Help of CCTV Cameras?

Guest Post by: Rida Tahir

The Need for CCTV Cameras in Schools?

In metropolitan cities where schools are open in every corner, even in residential areas. But as there are no proper security guidelines from the government, most of the schools do not pay much attention to security planning and arrangements.

CCTV cameras that act as surveillance cameras, are used to monitor the activities in any place where it is installed. Such cameras help keep an eye on people at schools and work as a warning for the mischievous ones to make them remain careful from doing anything illegal. It has helped a lot in identifying the crimes and illegal activities that were committed in schools. It also worked as a solid proof in the court of law. Every school should have a CCTV camera installed in there to monitor the students and staff.

Why is Using CCTV Cameras In schools Important?

It is very important to have CCTV camera installation in schools, since a lot of crimes and unethical actions are being performed without anyone being held accountable for it. Some of those crimes are mentioned below:

  • According to the US statistics, one in four students in schools gets bullied by either their peers or teachers. This not only severely damages the mental health of such students but also increases in suicide rates and revenge-based violence. 77% of students have been victims of common bullying, like verbal assault at least once in their lives.
  • Racism has a lot to with bullying and harassment in the schools in the US, as well as in South Asian countries like India and Pakistan. In schools, class differences and racial prejudices fuel a lot of contempt and hatred among the students which results in constant bullying. As horrible as it sounds, teachers too are involved in intimidating their students and bullying them.
  • In busy cities where crimes are at peak, sexual harassment is no longer a thing to brush under the carpet. Students openly sexually harass their female colleagues in majority based on their choice of clothing, whether or not they wear makeup, or indulge in any activity that people don’t approve of. Such instances are used for victim blaming, which unfortunately is supported by the faculty. Multiple professors sexually harass their minor students and justice is denied to the victims due to lack of evidence. Also in Asian countries such as Pakistan, where some incidents of sexual abuse of children in madrassas have been reported. Using such cases as examples, one must install a CCTV camera in Karachi and other cities in Pakistan as well as the rest of countries to help keep the people safe from such crimes.
  • Physical violence also plays a huge role in corrupting the discipline of the schools. Many students indulge in fights within the school premises and matters like these are dealt with utter carelessness. Teachers beat and assault students even though it is considered as an unethical practice and counts as abuse in most countries. Certain students too bully and assault their teachers for getting a better grade. Like the rest of matters above, this one too is deprived of justice based on lack of evidence and for that, a camera security system is desperately needed.
  • Incidents such as Gun-related violence in schools have a history in the past and in recent years. Whereas Drug abuse in High School and College is also a very high concern. Most of the illegal activities (for instance, drug-related activities) usually take place in unsupervised areas i.e. parking lots. By setting up cameras outside the school premises also we can minimize students’ involvement in such illegal and immoral activities.

Reinforcement of Ethical Guidelines and Discipline:

All the points mentioned above are exactly why we need a security camera in schools. It is alarming to see a series of heinous crimes being committed without the victims getting justice. A proper security system needs to be installed to keep the students and staff safe. The reinforcement of ethical guidelines and discipline can occur when honest and good staff is assigned to handle such matters as well as students being educated on important topics, like harassment and bullying. Legal action should also be taken against a particular individual(s) who bypasses this rule and becomes a threat to people around them.

There should be zero tolerance policies for individuals who are caught performing such unethical acts in the security camera footage. Once such matters are forgiven or given a warning before letting the perpetrators go, it prepares them to not only repeat the act but with a more carefully-planned strategy that can avoid them from getting caught again in future. Immediate legal action and expulsion from the campus can help set an example for those who dare to repeat this act in their lives.

Would Installing a CCTV Camera Help Keep the Students and Staff Safe?

Installing a CCTV camera for security would help a lot in keeping everyone safe at schools, colleges, and other educational institutes. It would help a lot in keeping track of things and monitoring each and every classroom with surveillance cameras to make sure no unethical act is being done by the teachers or students. It can also prove to be fruitful to have a nearby police station or a law-enforcing agency to have the surveillance cameras monitored, so that immediate action could be taken before the matter gets even worse. It is a severe need for such crimes to be controlled in schools, as it results in developing psychopathic or criminal tendencies in people as well as pushes them towards suicide. The trauma from such incidents can scar a person for life.

It can also further oppress the communities that are already marginalized. It can put the entire community at risk for further being subjected to violence by having this crime normalized. It is really dangerous for such acts to grow from school and further corrupt innocent minds into doing and learning something heinous.

To Sum it Up:

It is now safe to say that CCTV camera installation is a huge need for keeping the educational institutes in check. It can help preserve the mental health of the students and teachers, and keeps them safe and sound. One important factor to consider is that violence starts from home. If a student is harassing or abusing someone at school, it is highly likely that they have probably been victims of abuse themselves. They also must have seen their families do the same, so they repeat the same thing at schools. As for abusive and harasser teachers, it should be noted too that if they are a threat to their students, they can be a threat to their loved ones. This is why, a camera security system is needed at homes too to help keep the members living inside safe.

Image by Jelly Honk from Pixabay

Author Bio:

Rida Tahir

Associated with PAK Communications as a Freelance Content Writer, this is Rida Tahir, a final-year student of Bachelors in Psychology from Bahria University, Karachi.

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