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How to Make an Automatic Garage Door More Secure

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How to Make an Automatic Garage Door More Secure

Guest Post By: All Kind Door Services

There are many things to say when it comes to garage door security. Of course, we all want our garage door to look smart because your garage door is an essential component of your home’s curb appeal.

And we need garage doors that work correctly, too. After all, what could be worse than coming home after dark with a trunk full of grocery stores to find your garage door does not open?

When we have kids or pets, we want to know that our door’s safety features are up to standard, too. A defective garage door can cause serious injury.

But most important of all, we need our garage doors to be secure.

It is essential to make garage door security a priority. With so many criminal elements looking for easy targets, you need to be aware of the best ways to protect a garage door against thieves and burglars.

This article will go through several ways you can help safeguard your garage door to keep your car, home, and possessions safe.

Invest in A Garage Door of Good Quality

If you really want your garage door to be secure, it is worth spending the money to get a garage door made of high-quality materials. A low-cost door made of low-grade aluminum will make a thief’s life far too easy. However, a garage door made of high-quality wood or metal will be far more challenging to unlock or force open.

An investment in a good quality garage door will also add value to your house, which goes way beyond simple security. Higher quality garage doors last longer, too, which means that the door will look great for years to come and not need regular, expensive repairs. A high-quality garage door will also add to the overall appeal of your home.

Always Lock the Garage Door When You Go Away

Of course, locking the garage door every time you go out would remove some of the convenience of an automatic garage door. However, it is still advisable to use the manual lock if you are going away for a long time. Thieves are always on the lookout for unattended properties. And, if a burglar notices that your home is unoccupied, the garage door will be one of the first points of entry through which they will attempt to gain access to your home.

Install a Modern Automatic Garage Door System

Old remote-control garage door lift mechanisms were relatively easy to hack. Burglars could open these early models with a universal remote control.

In recent years, though, garage door manufacturers developed systems that used rolling code technology. These newer systems randomly change the access code every time the door is opened.

If you have an old automatic garage door, it would be wise to upgrade to one of the newer, more secure types of remote-control garage door lift systems.

Be Mindful of Windows of the Garage

Garages used to be nothing more than a windowless space to park your car. Today, however, people want their garages to look nice. And they use the garage space for other purposes, too, so they want natural light inside the garage.

However, there is a drawback to letting the beams of natural light flood your garage. Windows also give burglars a view of what you have stored in your garage or workshop.

If you have external windows in your garage, it would be advisable to install blinds that you can close to block the view from outside. Or you could use opaque window film that will let the light in but prevent people from seeing what you have in your garage.

Install Motion Sensor Lights

Installing motion sensor security lights will help deter burglars. This type of security lighting is best installed both inside and outside the garage.

Security lights outside the home will illuminate a would-be burglar before they even attempt to break into your home. That should be enough to deter all but the most determined criminal because they will not want to take the risk of being identified.

If a burglar inside your garage triggers a motion detector light, it will make the thief believe they have been discovered. An internal light coming on will be sufficient to encourage a thief to make a hasty exit from your property.

Improve Exterior Lighting

A house that is not lit up at night will present a more tempting option for burglars. Ensuring that all the entry points into your house are well-lit will go a long way to making your home more secure.

Motion-activated outdoor lighting is a common feature of modern homes. It might be a bit annoying if the lights come on when a neighbor’s cat wanders by. Still, that is a small price to pay for the security of your home.

Be sure the exterior security lighting is carefully located around the driveway and home perimeter so that the burglar cannot turn it off. The best height to install motion-activated security lights is about 10-12 feet above the ground.

It will also help if you keep hedges and bushes well-trimmed to ensure that you don’t give burglars a place to hide.


There’s no worse feeling than coming home and finding that your garage or some other part of your house has been robbed. So, home security should be a priority for all homeowners. The number of domestic break-ins is on the increase. So, there is no better time than now to think about implementing these garage security tips to protect your garage and your home.

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