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How to Secure Your Electric Scooter?

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How to Secure Your Electric Scooter

Guest Post By: Scooters Dream

A lot of people can’t stand walking through those crowded streets and driving in traffic. They don’t want to use public transport either. In this scenario, Electric Scooters are the best pick.

You are ready to buy the e-scooter but suddenly you think about the incident where your friend’s scooter got stolen just a few days ago. And, when you have a look at your favorite scooter you have been eyeing for months, you can’t believe it doesn’t come with any special locking systems for security against thieves. Now, what to do? You were this close to buying the scooter you have been waiting for so long, and all of a sudden, this happens!

Don’t worry; if you have been thinking about how to secure your electric scooter, this guide will reveal different methods. There are different types of locking systems you can use to keep your e-scooter safe and secure.

Why Do You Need These Locking Systems?

E-scooters are pretty new and those who steal these machines don’t sell them for their parts or components or as a whole. Yes, you have the option to fold your scooter and put it in your bag or take it with you anywhere.

But not all e-scooters have folding designs and are lightweight.

You can ride your e-scooter inside parks and stores because parking outside is not considered safe for anyone. Therefore, you have one option here and that is to secure it with a lock and park anywhere. You have ample options available for you to explore.

Different Types of Locks

There are different types of lock systems you can use to keep your electric scooter from prying eyes. Let’s have a brief look at each of them for your assistance.

● D-locks or U-locks

U-locks or D-locks have been popularly used for bikes since the 1970s. Due to their popularity, these locks were adopted by the e-scooter users as well. These locks are sturdy and breaking them isn’t a walk in the park.

These locks are different from each in strength and durability. Hence, you need to stay away from any of those cheap quality locks. A general rule of thumb here is to spend at least 10% of the total price of your e-scooter to buy its locking system.

● Chain Locks

Chain locks are even more popular than U-locks. These locks are quite inexpensive and effective. You can use the chain you have lying around in your garage. You just have to add a plastic sleeve to it; and you are done.

Chains look pretty tough and they are not very easy to break. But carrying around such a heavy chain can be tough, as these chains are heavy. When you attach a big padlock to it, things become even more difficult to handle. Just make sure you don’t leave any space between the chain and your scooter.

● Foldable Locks

These locks are similar to the D-locks but these are flexible. As these locks have a malleable design, they are lighter as well. They allow you to lock your scooter while leaving only narrow gaps and no U-locks can penetrate them.

Quality foldable locks and deliver the same amount of security. Budget scooters don’t offer much space to use any of those chains or D-locks. Therefore, you can use these folding locks if you have such a scooter.

● Smart Locks

We are currently living in an era where technology keeps on evolving and innovation is at its peak. One of the examples of such innovations is smart locks. Whether you use a padlock with your folding chain or D-lock your scooter is never completely safe.

The culprit just needs a pair of quality cutters to steal your scooter. These locks provide you with end-to-end protocols for security to ensure you can find your vehicle easily. These smart locks embed a small chip in your scooter which has GPS in it. So, you can use a mobile app to find the location of your bike.

● Ground Anchors

Ground anchors are kind of a new idea and they involve a solid platform you can embed into the ground. These platforms have locking mechanisms you can clamp shut once you have your scooter is linked to it. Many cities have also installed these ground anchors for the users.

● Cable Locks

These cable locks are similar to chain locks with one difference; these cable locks are lighter as compared to chain locks. Additionally, these locks also come with their locking system but they are not as durable as a chain lock.

● Wheel Locks

Wheel locks work pretty decently for bikes but they are not much efficient to use with e-scooters. These locks are designed to restrict any ability which is a suitable option for bikes as they are bulky and heavy. However, you can use it with other locks for better security.

How to Properly Lock an E-Scooter?

Some locks are pretty effective than others but they do not guarantee your e-scooter. Therefore, you have to note down some important points when locking your electric scooter.

● Cover Your E-scooter

Covering your e-scooter will make it dull and less attractive for thieves. Some people also use old covers to hide their new scooters to make them look less appealing.

● Always Lock Your E-scooter

Never forget to lock your scooter especially, if you have parked it outside. Don’t leave it unlocked even for a minute. Don’t provide any opportunity to get away with your scooter easily.

● Own a Foldable Scooter, Carry it Along

A foldable scooter is designed to carry along. You shouldn’t park it outside when you can take it with you. As these models are light carrying and walking won’t be an issue for you.

● Don’t Go for Bigger Locks

Bigger locks are easier to cut therefore, be sure you never pick a bigger locking system to lock your scooter in the open. Make it difficult for the thieves to get inside it.

● Use Two or More Locks

Don’t go for just a single locking system. Make sure you always use a combination of two or more locks to make your bike even more secure.

Final Word

There are different types of locks available to secure your e-scooter. The best approach is to use multiple locking systems to ensure the robber has a hard time getting your scooter free from all the locks. Make sure you have locked it with a sturdy platform. But we recommend, if you have a foldable design, it’s better to take your e-scooter with you whenever and wherever possible.

Image by Janik Lipke from Pixabay

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