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How to Secure Your Garden Shed – Shed Security Tips

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Shed Security

The shed in your backyard is an enticing target for thieves. Criminals know that garden sheds are easy to break into, and garden sheds often contain valuable tools. You may not have paid a lot of attention to shed security when you have a rickety old garden shed at the bottom of your garden. But if you add up the value of the contents of your shed, you may well want to change your mind. Here are ten tips to help you make your backyard shed more secure.

1. Consider the Location

The best place is to locate a backyard shed is within sight of the house, but out of view of the street. Many burglaries are not planned; they are opportunistic. So, you do not want to tempt thieves by placing your shed in full view of the street. However, it is also best to also be able to see your shed form your home so that thieves know they could be seen breaking into the outbuilding.

2. Upgrade the Lock

If you still have the flimsy lock on the door that came with your shed, then it’s time you upgraded it. It would be best if you also checked the quality and condition of the door. Use a heavy-duty padlock on your shed door, and make sure that the fittings are well-secured. For added security, you might want to consider a padlock with a built-in alarm, like the example below.

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3. Anchor the Shed

Lightweight, wooden sheds can be lifted off the ground to gain access. If you have a small backyard shed, you will need to ensure that the shed is securely anchored to the foundations. You can secure a shed by attaching it to a wall or tethering it to the ground with L-brackets.

4. Upgrade the Hinges

A heavy-duty lock on your shed door will be of little use if the hinges are rusted and flimsy. So, upgrade the hinges on your shed door to the heavy-duty variety. And if your shed is wooden, make sure that the wood around the hinges has not rotted. If the door and hinges are weak, a thief will ignore the lock and pry their way in by breaking the hinges.

5. Hide Valuable Contents

If a thief cannot see anything worth stealing, they may not even bother trying to break into your shed. If you keep valuable items in your shed, it would be wise to hide them so that they cannot be seen through the windows. The easiest way to keep expensive items out of sight is to obscure the windows with frosted security film.

6. Install an Alarm

Installing a cheap alarm in your shed will scare most thieves away. You can buy motion-sensing alarms that will detect movement inside the shed. Or you can purchase door alarms that will sound the shed door is opened. It may also be possible to connect your shed alarm to your home security system. If your shed gets damp, though, you will need to buy a waterproof security alarm, like the example below.

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7. Cut Back Shrubbery Around Your Shed

If you have shrubbery around your shed, the bushes could provide a place for a thief to hide. So, cut back any vegetation around your outbuilding to give you a clear view of the building from your home. Thieves are usually looking for an easy target. And, of course, criminals don’t want to get caught. So, a thief will be more likely to give your shed a miss if they believe that they might be seen.

8. Tether Large Items Together

If you have large items in your shed, like bikes and a lawnmower, locking them together would help keep them safe. The best way to tie objects together in your shed is with a bike lock. A lock and chain on larger items would make it impossible for a burglar to carry way the items unless they cut through the chain. But a thief probably wouldn’t want you to risk hanging around long enough to cut through your bike lock.

9. Install a Security Camera

Security cameras are a good deterrent against crime. As indeed are motion-sensor security lights. When you are improving your home security precautions, don’t forget to include your backyard shed. An outdoor security camera pointing towards your garden shed will make a thief think twice about breaking in.

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10. Mark Your Property

The above shed security tips will help to protect your shed. However, it will still be worth your while marking the expensive items in your garden shed so that you can identify them if they get stolen. The best way to mark equipment is to have your details engraved into them. If the marking is visible, it will probably deter a thief because it will make your equipment more difficult to sell.


Securing your shed will help protect your belongings, and it could help protect your home from burglary. Thieves often use tools that they find in sheds to break into the owner’s home. So, securing your shed will help to protect your home and your neighbors’ houses as well.

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