How to Teach Your Child About Road Safety (Infographic), kid’s safety, children’s safety, road safety, safety awareness, kids road safety

How To Teach Your Child About Road Safety (Infographic)

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Road Safety for Children

Guest post by: Derek Eastwood

Providing proper road safety education is one of the most important things a parent can do for their child’s wellbeing. Read this guide to find out how to teach your child to stay safe on the roads.

Main Image by coombesy from Pixabay

Kids are One of the Most Vulnerable Road Users

According to a joint report from the World Health Organisation and UNICEF, children are the most likely age group to be injured or killed as pedestrians. There are many factors that heighten the vulnerability of children on the road. Firstly, most children cannot judge the speed or distance of approaching vehicles until they reach the age of ten. Furthermore, they can be easily distracted and may often run into the road without looking.

How Good Road Safety Education Saves Lives

Instilling an awareness of good road safety habits from a young age helps to lower a child’s risk of being involved in a road accident. Road safety education helps kids to develop an awareness of traffic and its dangers, pick up good habits, and learn how to make safe choices. This will also go a long way to ensure that they will grow up to become responsible drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.

Where Should Children Learn About Road Safety?

Adults should start educating children about road safety education from a young age. While children may learn the road safety theory in school, you should also put these lessons into practice while on the roads. If you are walking, cycling or driving with a child – model good behaviour by pointing out the various dangers on the road and by explaining the reasoning behind your decision-making.

Discover More About Road Safety for Kids

If you would like to find out more about road safety education for kids, then you should check out the below infographic from Hussey Fraser. This useful guide covers a variety of topics related to road safety education for children, such as the Green Cross Code, pedestrian road safety, how to safely enter and exit a vehicle, safe behaviour on driveways and the ABC’s of road safety education.

Scroll down to the infographic below to find out more:


How To Teach Your Child About Road Safety (Infographic), kid’s safety, children’s safety, road safety, safety awareness

Author Bio:

Derek Eastwood

Derek Eastwood is the Business Development Manager at Hussey Fraser Solicitors. Hussey Fraser is based in Dublin, Ireland and offers technical and legal advice to people on a wide range of personal injuries. A critical part of Derek’s work is keeping up to date with information relating to our safety, and the number of lives we lose every year on the road is staggering.