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Important Safety Measures During Rideshare with Strangers

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Rideshare Safety Tips

Guest Post By: Christine Mauris

Most people use rideshare services to tour different destinations. However, the seemingly safe mode of transport has become a cause of concern in the recent past. There have been rideshare safety issues of rape, violence, and travelers getting kidnapped and taken to unknown locations.

Other cases, like car accidents, are also common. Luckily, if you incur injuries resulting from car crashes, you can always contact an accident attorney in Philadelphia to guide you in the legal action process. Your safety is also critical, and there are many rideshare safety tips to enhance your security.

Here are useful tips on how to stay safe in a rideshare:

1. Check the Car and Driver Before Boarding

There are several cases of scammers purporting to be rideshare drivers, so confirm the car details like the model, color, and identify the car license plate. Also, verify the driver by requesting them to confirm your name.

Rideshare Safety Tips, travel safety, personal safety, uber, lyft, rideshare

2. Use the Back Seat

Riding in the front seat can expose you to assault and other undesired behaviors. But, the rear seat gives you some distance from the driver and makes it easier if you to exit in case of an incident. Thus, always consider using the seat behind the passenger seat; it enables you to have a full view of the driver and everything going on in the vehicle. In the case of distractions, be observant of your surroundings. Also, think of ways on how you can quickly get out and keep your phone nearby to use the uber safety button if need be.

3. Give Feedback

Sharing experiences is usually overlooked by many but is one of the essential rideshare safety tips. After the trip, rate the driver and give useful feedback; this will keep good ones on the job and keep bad ones off. If you endure a bad experience, share it through the right channels. Rideshare business models love it when travelers feel secure when in a stranger’s car. They are also very responsive to feedback.

4. Avoid Giving Personal Details

While sharing a car with others, you’re likely to meet a talkative driver and start chatting. However, it’s not wise to share private information like your contacts, where you live, how long your travel is or daily routine that can give others many details about you and what you do.

5. Book a Ride While Indoors

Avoid lingering outside for long since this can attract pickpockets. Most thieves are aware of the behaviors many exhibits while waiting for a car. These are, for instance, continually checking the street, texting, making quick calls, and many more. Such acts notify others that you’re looking for a vehicle and can be easily distracted to board the wrong one. To stay safe, wait inside a lobby or a nearby shop.

6. Travel in Groups

There’s safety in numbers, and this makes it wise to travel in groups. In case you’re traveling alone and feel somehow uncomfortable, call someone close to you and inform them of your destination and the expected time of arrival.

7. Use Tracking Features

Most rideshare services have features within their applications to enable friends or family members to track your location. So, it’s easy for family members to know where you are and your expected time of arrival. Activate the feature by pressing the “Share status” button if using
Uber. If using Lyft, press the “Send ETA” button.

Final Thoughts

Safety is of the essence for all travelers. So, before jumping into the car, consider the rideshare safety tips discussed above. Remember, traveling with a driver alone can be in itself risky. So, if possible, tour with others to avoid the dangers of ridesharing.

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