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Important Tips on Securing Your New Home

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Securing Your New Home

When you first move into a new home, your first thoughts will be to give the place a good clean. Then you might move on to the home improvements. There is, though, one other job that you will need to do. That other important job is to make sure that your new home is secure. An estimated 3.7 million homes get burgled every year. So, securing your new home is not something that you leave for too long. Here are our top tips on the best ways to secure your new home.

1. Check Around the Outside of Your Home

Take a walk around the outside of your home and look for anything that might make it make it easier for a burglar to break in. Cut back shrubbery that intruders could hide behind. Lock away tools, ladders, and anything else that a burglar could use to gain access to your home. Always bear in mind that burglars look for the easiest target. Do everything possible to make your home difficult to break into.

2. Check All the External Doors

34% of burglars enter through the front door. It is imperative, then, that all your external doors are secure. Check that all your doors and the door frames are strong enough to deter a burglar. If your external doors don’t have deadlocks fitted, fit them. Fit door entry alarms to all external doors. These can be either standalone alarms, or they may come as part of a home security system.

3. Check All the Windows

Make sure that all the windows lock. If your window latches look flimsy, replace them. Remember to lock all your windows and doors whenever you go out. Even if you are only going out for a few minutes. It takes no time at all for a burglar to prise open a window, grab some expensive items, and get out again. You can also buy window entry alarms. These too are available as part of a home security system, or wireless stand-alone alarms.

4. Join the Local Neighborhood Watch

When residents in the area work together, they can help to deter crime in the neighborhood. If there is a neighborhood watch program, in your area, join it. If there isn’t one, you might want to think about setting up a neighborhood watch program yourself.

5. Light Up the Outside of Your Home

Thieves and vandals want to stay hidden. They love skulking around in the dark. So, make sure that the area around your home is well-illuminated. The easiest way to do this is to install motion-sensing security lights in your yard. Then, if anyone approaches your home in the dark, they will be lit up for everyone to see. Motion-sensing security lighting will also light up your yard for you when you come home late at night.

6. Install Security Cameras

Security cameras act as a deterrent. They also help to identify and catch thieves. The best security cameras are those that allow you to view footage in real-time on your phone. Security cameras are available with some wireless home security systems. They are also available as standalone devices. There have been lots of news stories about home security cameras foiling burglars. So, security cameras are a worthwhile investment when you move into a new home.

7. Secure Your Garage Door

Standard garage doors are easy to break into. So, don’t forget to check the garage door when you are securing your new home. It’s not only your car that is at risk in your garage. You may have tools and other belongings in there as well. Some tools left in the garage may also help a burglar break into your home. Make sure the garage door locks. If the lock is flimsy, replace it. You may also want to install a smart garage door opener or a garage door alarm.

8. Secure External Sliding Doors

Sliding glass patio doors are a common entry point for burglars. They are quite easy to force open. You can secure glass sliding doors with a simple security bar. These will keep the burglars out. They are a good way to keep kids indoors as well.

9. Get a Smart Camera Doorbell

Smart doorbells allow you to see who is at the door before you open it. They also allow you to see who is calling when you are out. Some smart doorbells also have a motion sensor. So, they alert you when someone is approaching your property. The best-known smart doorbells are the Ring Smart Doorbells. There is also a good range of camera doorbells made by other manufacturers. Some home security systems also include smart doorbells.

10. Install a Home Security System

One of the best deterrents to burglary is a home security system. You can buy home security systems from local home alarm installers. Or, you can buy wireless home security systems online. Wireless home burglar alarms are affordable and easy to install. They are available as both monitored home alarms, and unmonitored alarms.


Securing your new home should be your top priority when you move to a new house. Burglars often target homes with new occupants. They know there is likely to be brand new equipment and furniture inside the property.

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Don’t forget, though., that you shouldn’t share the details of your new home online. If you share pictures of your new home, you will be telling the world where you live and what is inside your home.

Also, don’t leave boxes and packaging from new purchases visible in your yard. The packaging for a newly bought computer, for example, will tell a burglar that there is something worth stealing inside your home.

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Many thanks for reading our tips on securing your new home. Have a great day, enjoy your new home, and stay safe!