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Improving Safety and Efficiency in the Warehouse

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Warehouse Safety & Efficiency

Guest Post By: Don Amato

There may be nothing more important for having a safe warehouse than organization. Sloppy practices and confusion introduce an element of the unexpected into workers’ everyday routines. This can increase the odds of miscommunications and accidents exponentially. Bottom line, if you’re interested at all in improving the safety of your business’s operations, you need to take a cold, hard look at how your warehouse is organized. With so many hazards already involved in the day-to-day work that goes on in one of these facilities, there’s simply no excuse for taking your procedures for granted.

For instance, you may not see any problem with the amount of inventory you’re storing. However, too much has the potential to spill into aisles and areas where workers and equipment have to pass through on a regular basis. With proper planning, this potentially dangerous situation could be avoided.

Having a suboptimal layout and workflow also could mean people and forklifts may be crossing paths too often. Optimizing the floor plan not only can reduce accidents, but it also yields a more efficient and effective facility. Another crucial mistake too many managers make is failing to take full advantage of automation. By removing the possibility of human error from tasks such as labeling and data collection, there’s less chance that confusion can gain a foothold.

When a warehouse is properly organized, your workers can come in every day confident that their personal safety is being protected. For these and other ideas to achieve a more streamlined space, see the accompanying infographic.

Safety and Efficiency in the Warehouse – Infographic

Top 10 Warehouse Organizational Mistakes created by Chicago Tag & Label.

Header image by Pashminu Mansukhani from Pixabay

Author Bio

Don Amato

Don Amato is Vice President of Sales for Chicago Tag & Label, which manufactures form labels, labels and tags that deliver solutions to a broad range of industries including retail, industrial, manufacturing, distribution and medical environments.