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Increasing Productivity and Safety with Automation

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Increasing Productivity and Safety with Automation

Guest Post By: Dan Hanrahan

A safe working environment is a productive one. Nowhere is this more accurate than a manufacturing facility, where an accident can bring activity to an abrupt halt. Business owners have an enormous responsibility to their workforce and the bottom line, which is why safety must be a priority at all times.

One way to ensure a safer environment is through automation. Manufacturers may already be aware of the benefits of automated technology, including reduced cycle times and improved production quality. However, automation can do more than increase output — it can help protect your employees and the business.

For example, self-driving forklifts and other self-directed machinery can virtually eliminate human error. Many common mistakes in a factory are attributed to distraction and fatigue. However, with automated equipment these blunders can be avoided, resulting in a much safer workplace.

Another way in which automation can help is by taking over strenuous or repetitive tasks. This reduces the risk that personnel may suffer injuries while performing a hazardous job. When accidents are few and far between, it’s much easier to keep production moving at a healthy clip.

Automated systems could transform a manufacturing space in more ways than one. For more information about how automation can contribute to a safer and more productive factory, see the accompanying infographic:

Advantages of using automation created by The Numina Group.

Header image by Antonio Hernández from Pixabay

Author Bio:

Dan Hanrahan

Our thanks to Dan Hanrahan for sharing this useful information about how automation can increase productivity and safety in the workplace.

Dan Hanrahan is CEO of The Numina Group, a warehouse automation and software solution company. He has more than 35 years as a leader in the material handling industry.

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