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Invisawear Smart Jewelry Review – SOS Panic Button

Last Updated on December 5, 2019

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Invisawear Smart Jewelry

When we read about Invisawear smart jewelry in an article on the University of Massachusetts Lowell website, we thought; at last! A personal safety device for women that women will actually want to wear! So many personal safety devices for women look awful. Whether it’s big and bulky pepper spray or a boring black personal alarm. The Invisawear Smart Jewelry range is different. It’s a range of pretty pieces of jewelry that have a panic button built into it. Impressed? We were! Read this Invisawear Smart Jewelry review to find out more.

Invisawear Smart Jewelry Necklace, Panic Button, Self-Defense, Personal Protection, Panic Button Jewelry

Invisawear Smart Jewelry – The Technical Stuff

Invisawear Smart Jewelry Techical Specs, Panic Button, Self-Defense, Personal Protection, Panic Button Jewelry The technology behind Invisawear Smart Jewelry is quite simple. Inside each piece of pretty jewelry there is an electronic device. The device communicates with your phone via Bluetooth. When you trigger the device, an app on your phone will send an alert text to five contact numbers.

There is also an optional function that will alert local police to your predicament. The device has GPS tracking built into it. So, recipients of the alert will know where you are. You trigger the device by pressing the back of the jewelry twice.


  • Emergency SOS text messages sent to up to 5 contacts
  • Optional 911 Alert (Via RapidSOS)
  • Simple, double click operation
  • No fees or subscriptions
  • Works with free app


Who Manufactures Invisawear Smart Jewelry?

Invisawear panic button jewelry was designed by Rajia Abdelaziz. The product began life as a class project when Rajia was at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. One evening, she was followed by a group of men in a car. They were yelling out inappropriate comments to her. When one of the guys got out of their car, Rajia had to run to her own car to escape. It was this frightening event that inspired Rajia to create her range of panic button jewelry.

Rajia joined forces with Ray Hamilton, and together they set up Invisawear. Their goal was to produce a stylish charm that has panic button technology built into it. Invisawer now produce a range of jewelry based on that charm. The pieces that are now available include an Invisawear bracelet, an Invisawear keychain, and an Invisawear necklace. The necklace is available in gold or silver. Here’s Rajia and Ray talking about Invisawear Smart Jewelry on WCVB Channel 5 Boston:

Why Carry a Panic Button?

You might ask; why do you need a panic button? Why not simply phone for help?

SOS panic buttons make calling for help quick, easy and discrete. If you find yourself in a dangerous situation, you are going to feel panicked. That will make it difficult to use your phone. If you carry a panic button like Invisawear Smart Jewelry, you can call for help with just two clicks. If you don’t have a panic button, you would need to find your phone, unlock it, scroll down to the number you want, and make your call. All while you are panicking about the dangerous situation that you are in.

The other problem that a panic button like this solves is knowing exactly where you are. If you phone someone to tell them you need help, you will need to tell them exactly where you are. You may not have time to look around for street signs and get your bearings. Invisawear panic button jewlery has GPS tracking built into it. The text messages it sends include a link to a map that will show your current location.

Invisawear Smart Jewelry – Our Verdict

Invisawear Smart Jewelry Review, Panic Button, Self-Defense, Personal Protection, Panic Button Jewelry Invisawear Smart Jewelry is a great looking product. The jewelry is very pretty and well-made. More importantly, it will provide you with protection when you are out on your own. We don’t recommend that you rely on any panic button as your only form of protection. Even if you can send your SOS messages fast, it’s still going to take time for people to reach you. For that reason, we suggest that you use panic buttons as an addition to your personal security precautions. We recommend that you also carry a pepper spray or other types of self-defense products. Then, you can call for help, and defend yourself, if you need to.


At the time of writing this Invisawear Smart Jewelry review, the price of the product is a little over $100. That’s no more than you would pay for any other nice piece of jewelry of this quality. So, we give Invisawear the thumbs up on value for money. However, the battery is not rechargeable or replaceable. The battery has a life of at least one year. After that, your Invisawear panic button jewelry will need replacing. Invisawear offer a very generous discount when you buy a replacement product, though. So, the need to replace the product after one year is not as bad as it might first sound. You also need to consider that there are no monitoring fees to pay with this product.

Overall, then, Invisawear Smart Jewelry gets a positive review from us. It’s a stylish, smart panic button that you will want to wear. There aren’t too many personal safety products that you can say that about!

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