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Kids and The Internet – Safety Tips for Parents

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Internet Safety Tips for Parents

Guest post by: Tom Peterson

Main image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Nowadays, kids have to contend with bullying in school and also online. And this makes online safety concerns for parents and teachers alike. The internet is so vast and contains all sorts of information, and this makes it easy for kids to access unsuitable materials.

If you realize that your child uses their phone to view unsightly images, don’t hesitate to do away with the device. By searching “sell your iPhone” online, you’ll get many sites that can exchange your gadget, offer free shipping, and pay you promptly. Although not all sites contain inappropriate content, kid’s online safety should be a priority for all parents.

Below are internet safety tips to consider:

Share an Email account

If your child is young and wants an email account, open one, and share it with them. By so doing, it’ll be easy to watch all incoming mails and discard spam. However, you can only share an email account with your child up to a certain age. Once your child is older and responsible enough, you can allow them to have their Email.

Monitor online movements

Various risks threaten your child’s safety online. Some kids already know how to erase the internet history making it difficult to track their online activities. But, installing monitoring software can assist you to watch what your child does without their knowledge. Internet safety software tracks all internet activities, texts, and places visited. It’s a valuable tool for all parents who care about their kid’s online safety. If you don’t want to watch your child, you can also consider a child-safe internet browser.

Monitor Your Child’s Use of Apps

Not all apps are as safe for kids as you may have thought. Some apps may give away your child’s location. Some apps may expose the child to inappropriate images. And, some apps may encourage cyber-bullying. It is advisable to check what apps your child has loaded on their phone. And, you should make a rule that new apps are not installed without your knowledge. Here’s an infographic that explains the dangers that some apps pose for kids:

App Safety For Kids Infographic, kids safety, children's safety, internet safety, online safety, personal safety

Final thoughts

It’s almost impossible to hinder your child from accessing the internet. Luckily, there are many ways of keeping your child safe online. Use monitoring software to watch your child’s activities, filter unwanted sites, and this will intensify your kid’s online safety.

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