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Lermende Personal Alarm Keychain

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Lermende Personal Alarm Keychain – Pack of Two

The Lermende Personal Alarm is a very stylish looking personal alarm for women. It has a keychain pin activation. When you pull the pin, it triggers a 120dB alarm siren.

This value-for-money Lermende Personal Alarm multi-pack offer gives you a backup alarm too!

The Lermende Personal is a very popular choice of personal attack alarm. You can hang it from your handbag. It will look great, and it will give you an effective self-defense device.


Lermende Personal Alarm – An Affordable Personal Safety Device That Looks Great

The Lermende Personal Alarm is an excellent choice of a safety alarm. It is affordable, stylish, and effective. When you buy this multi-pack personal alarm, you get two stylish personal alarms in each pack.

Loud, 120dB alarm Siren

When activated, the alarm reaches a sound level of one hundred and twenty decibels. This makes it loud enough to draw attention. But, not so loud that it could damage your own ears when you set it off. It is also loud enough to give an attacker a fright and disorientate them, giving you time to make your escape. The Lermende Personal Alarm is small and portable. You can attach it to your keys, purse, backpack, or wallet. You can carry it around with you wherever you go.

Lermende Personal Alarm – Looks Like an Ordinary keychain

This personal safety alarm also features a unique and stylish design. That not only makes it a nice-looking personal alarm, but it also makes the alarm less noticeable. It will blend in with your other belongings. Instead of the alarm looking too obvious, it looks like a decorative keychain. No one will notice that it’s an alarm unless you set it off.

Comes With Instructions and a 12-month Guarantee

The alarm comes with a full set of instructions that explain how it functions and how it operates. The company that manufactures these alarms is committed to customer satisfaction. If anything goes wrong with the alarm within 12 months, contact the supplier. They will work with you to resolve the situation. That will usually be by sending you a replacement alarm at no extra cost to you.

Lermende Personal Alarm – An Effective and Stylish Self-Defense Alarm

This personal alarm is an excellent choice. It’s a personal security device that combines effectiveness, stylishness, and ease of use. The Lermende Personal Alarm is a lovely looking product. It’s also a very effective personal self-defense device.

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