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Money Belts – The Pros and Cons Explained

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We looked at waist money belts in our Best Travel Money Belt Reviews. There are, though, lots of other types of money belts that you can buy. So, in the is post we will look at the pros and cons of each type of money belt and look at if a money belt is worth buying at all.

The main reason that a money belt is a good investment, is that you can hide your small valuable items out of sight of pickpockets. Money belts are especially useful for when you are traveling. If you have ever lost your wallet or had it stolen, you will know how inconvenient it can be. That inconvenience is ten times as bad if you are abroad. If you are on vacation and you lose your cash and cards, it can be disastrous. You may be able to arrange to get some emergency cash. Cancelling and arranging new cards, though, will be a nightmare.

The best way to avoid a complete disaster, is to spread your cash and cards around. That way, if a pickpocket does strike, they won’t get everything. The best way to avoid having your pockets picked at all is to carry your cash cards in a hidden money belt. If you are not sure what types of money belt will suit you best, here are the pros and cons of each type of money belt.


Waist Money Belts

Zero Grid Money Belt, Waist Money Belt, belt wallet, travel pouch, hidden money belt, travel money pouch, passport belt The most popular type of money belt is the waist money belt. These are simple belts that usually have elasticated waist bands. They have one or two zip up pockets for storing valuables in. Waist money belts can be worn over your clothes like a fanny pack. Or you can hide them underneath your clothing.

Waist money belts are larger than other types of money pouches, so they are very good for airline travel. The larger size means that you can keep airline tickets and your passport inside them, as well as your cash and bank cards. Some money belts are large enough to keep a phone in too. As you wear them around the waist, it’s easy to retrieve your travel documents or cash whenever you need to.

Waist money belts are comfortable to wear, but they can cause sweating when worn against the skin. It’s worth paying a little bit extra for a money belt with moisture wicking material, like the Zero Grid Money Belt shown in the image.

  • Easy to hide under clothing
  • Will hold passports and travel documents
  • Belongings remain accessible
  • Waist money belts usually have at least two compartments
  • Can cause sweating
  • The very cheap waist money belts don’t last very long
  • If they come unclipped, you can lose them


Neck Money Pouch

Venture Travel Neck Pouch, Neck Money Pouch, money belt, best travel money belt, travel money bag, travel belt pouch, neck money beltNeck money pouches, or neck wallets, can be worn as hidden money belts under clothing. They will hold more things than a waist money belt. But, if you put too many items in a Neck money pouch, the pouch will be visible under your clothing, and it will be uncomfortable to wear.

A good quality hidden travel pouch will have several zippered compartments. It will have pockets for ID cards as well. The Venture Travel Neck Pouch shown in the image has one Velcro fastened pocket, two zippered pockets, and an ID card window as well.

The downside of a travel wallet that you wear around your neck is that it is not as easy to get to as waist-worn travel money belt. If you wear a neck pouch under your clothes, you must lift the shirt to get at the pouch. That can be awkward and embarrassing to do in some situations. Neck pouches are also more visible than waist money belts. Especially if you are in a hot climate and you are only wearing one layer of clothing.

  • More space
  • More pockets
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Less likely to cause sweating
  • May not be as comfortable to wear
  • More difficult to hide
  • Not very easy to retrieve belongings


Leather Hidden Money Pocket Belt

Yoder Hidden Money Pocket Travel Leather Belt, Leather Hidden Money Pocket Belt, best money belt, money belt, travel money belt, travel belt, money pouch A hidden leather money belt is the most secure type of travel money belt you can get. It is, though, also the least accessible. This type of belt wallet would be good for keeping your emergency stash of cash in. Or it would be good for keeping cash in when you are out for the night.

Space is very limited in most hidden leather money belts. As you can see from the picture of the Yoder Hidden Money Pocket Travel Leather Belt, you’ll get some folded-up notes in it, but not much else.

This type of waist money belt would be best used as a backup for one of the other types of money belts. It’s a good way to spread your cash around. You will still need another secure place to keep your passport, cards and travel documents though.

  • Very secure
  • Totally hidden
  • Great for storing emergency cash
  • Space is limited
  • If it has a metal buckle, you will have to take it off when you go through airport security


Belt Loop Money Pouch

Shacke Hidden Travel Belt Wallet, Belt Loop Money Pouch, travel belt wallet, money belt, money belts for sale, hidden travel pouch Belt loop money pouches, like the Shacke Hidden Travel Belt Wallet pictured, are smaller than waist travel money belts. But, they are very secure. Belt loop money belts attach to your belt, and then you tuck them in your pants.

This type of hidden money belt usually has two or three pockets. It will hold your passport, cash and cards. Retrieving your belongings is not as easy as it would be with waist money belt. It is easier, though, than it would be with neck money pouch.

Belt loop hidden money wallets are comfortable to wear. They might be a bit uncomfortable when you sit down though. Especially if you keep your passport in the pouch. With your valuables tucked inside your pants, there’s no way a pickpocket is going to steal your cash and bank cards.

  • Very secure
  • Easy to hide
  • Reasonably easy to access
  • Big enough for a passport, money and bank cards
  • Not as much space as some other types of hidden money belts
  • Can be a bit tricky getting items out of it
  • Could be uncomfortable when you are sitting down


Anti-Theft Secret Bra Pouch

Pacsafe Secret Bra Pouch, Anti-Theft Secret Bra Pouch, best money belt, money belt, travel money belt, travel belt, money pouchFor the ladies, there is the option of an anti-theft secret bra pouch, also known as a bra stash. As you can see from the image of the Pacsafe Secret Bra Pouch, these are small hidden money pouches that you wear under your clothes attached to your bra.

Bra pouches are very discrete, but they are quite small. You could keep your cash and bank cards in them, and possibly your passport. It’s not easily accessible, though. So, a quick trip to the bathroom might be an order if you needed to retrieve your passport. Also, a bra stash could be uncomfortable to wear if you had too much in the pouch.

This is another type of travel belt pouch that you might use along with another type of hidden money wallet or money belt. Alternatively, it would make a great hidden wallet for a night out.

  • Very discrete
  • Secure
  • Good way to keep money safe on a night out
  • Quite Small
  • Difficult to access


Hidden Leg Money Pouch

Eagle Creek Hidden Pocket, Hidden Leg Money Pouch, belt wallet, travel pouch, hidden money belt, travel money pouch, passport beltA hidden leg money pouch, sometimes called a leg stash, straps onto your leg under your pants. Leg money pouches vary in size. There are the smaller ones, like the Eagle Creek Hidden Pocket pictured. There are also larger ones that will hold a lot more.

This type of travel belt wallet will only work if you are wearing long pants. Leg money pouches will fit around the calf, but they won’t fit around the thigh. They are large enough to hold cash, cards and a passport. They usually have several compartments. If you have very thin legs, though, remember that anything that you fit in a hidden leg money pouch will have to fold around the shape of your leg.

  • Easy to conceal
  • Easy access
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Could only be worn with loose fitting pants
  • Could possibly slip down your leg



The above are the main types of hidden money belts and pouches that you can buy. Which one will the best money belt for your needs will depend on what you want to put in it and your personal preference. The most practical for air travel is likely to be the waist money belt or the hidden neck money pouch. For hiding your cash and cards on a night out, you might prefer a bra stash, or a belt with a hidden money pocket. Whichever you choose, we hope that this post has helped you decide on which style of hidden money belt will be the best for you. If you did find this post helpful, please do pin it, post it, share it or tweet it. Thanks.

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