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Night-Time Safety at Construction Sites – Must Follow Points

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Night-Time Safety at Construction Sites

Guest Post By: Erika Rhein

Night-time gives you the ability to work more efficiently in a construction site that day-time heat and activity won’t give you. Working at night has many benefits, and there are a number of points that you need to follow for the safety of your crew, customers and the general public.

The involvement of your site condition, contract details, timelines, equipment and workers change the dynamic of your risk management system. Thus, here a few tips which you should follow for the night-time safety at the construction site.

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Reflective Clothing

Give your crew members retro-reflective clothing, which is comfortable, safe and flexible for working at night. Moreover, include a helmet or hat in their safety clothing. Put some neon colours reflective tape on clothes, tools and equipment, so that anyone can see them from a minimum of 300m away.

Ample Lighting

Place the lights on the site floor to see the danger and at what height they are working. You can put some head lights or spotlights at different levels. Also, you can choose the best lighting option like balloon lighting, roadway lights mounted on temporary poles or factory-installed lights on equipment. Ensure that there is sufficient lighting throughout the job site.

Safety Plan

Before you begin your work at night, prepare a safety plan. It will protect your workers and staff members from unwanted hazards. Also, add line marking in your safety plan to give access points to the site workers.

Proper Training

While working, you should always give priority to the safety first and for that, provide adequate training to your crew. Give them knowledge about the best tools and equipment they can use at night. And you will have the best and well-organised crew team that can give you superior results.

Investigate Accidents and Safety Oversights

Working at night-time can bring many workplace hazards. By brainstorming the risks, you should create a list of potential problems in advance such as

  • Low visibility
  • Noise levels
  • Working standards
  • Impaired vehicles
  • Glare of lighting
  • Alerts for workers, drivers and managers
  • Air quality
  • Weather

Precautions to Be Taken:
  • To avoid working at elevated heights, you can assemble things on the ground level.
  • By providing safety nets, you can minimise the consequence of falls.
  • Avoid working close to the moving objects or machinery
  • Wear safety clothing such as high visibility jacket to ensure they can see you.
  • If the surface of the site is slippery or wet, treat it with stone or grit depending on the condition.
  • Slippery areas should be signposted
  • Footwear with good gripping should be wear


Examining each element of your construction site at night scores you the success points of the project. With a well-organised safety plan, you will cover all the necessities to fulfil your project obligations safely and efficiently. Even though you come across some issue you can hire the professionals.

Author Bio:

Erika Rhein

Erika Rhein is a professional writer and blogger by profession. I write on various niches, however, I prioritise writing on safety maintained at different sites. I always strive to provide users with useful and informative articles in a readable format. I aim to achieve a difference through my writing.