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Peak Gear Travel Money Belt with Built-in RFID Blocking

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Peak Gear Travel Money Belt, money belt, hidden money belt, travel money belt, money pouch, travel money bagPeak Gear Travel Money Belt

The Peak Gear Travel Money Belt is a comfortable-to-wear money belt with built in RFID blocking.

The money pouch features two zip-up front pockets.

The belt also has inner compartments for organizing your belongings.

This is a good quality money belt that is perfect for those trips abroad.

Money Belts – Ultimate Protection Against Pickpockets

Traveling to new places can be an exciting experience. The problem is, though, tourists often become easy targets for thieves and pickpockets.

The good news is, there are now money belts that are designed for your security and protection. They will protect your belongings from thieves and pickpockets. With a money belt, you can move around freely and in comfort. A hidden money belt will ensure that your valuables are hidden away. But, you can get at them when you need them. So, you can enjoy a carefree vacation. And, you won’t need to worry about your cash and other valuables.

Many of today’s modern money belts come with RFID blocking. This protects your cards and e-passports from electronic identity theft. This protection is especially useful when you are travelling through busy international airports.

If you are looking for the best travel money belt for your next vacation or business trip, the Peak Gear Travel Money Belt would be a great choice.

Why Peak Gear Travel Money Belt is a Must-Have for Travelers

A smart traveler knows how important it is to think about safety and security. They know the importance of not becoming an easy target for opportunistic thieves. The Peak Gear Travel Money Belt does a great job of keeping your valuables safe and secure. This functional, well-designed money pouch comes with the following key features:

Light and Comfortable to Wear

The Peak Gear Money Belt is made of thin and lightweight materials. This makes it easy to conceal and comfortable to wear. In fact, it won’t even feel like you are wearing a money belt at all. The bag is adjustable to fit around your waist. The back of the bag has moisture wicking material, which minimizes sweating. This allows you to wear the money belt all day, without causing too much sweating or irritating to your skin.

Built-in RFID Blocking Protection

Nowadays, thieves don’t need to come close to you to steal your identity. The RFID chips in credit cards and e-passports make it possible for thieves to steal personal information electronically. Even from as far as 10 feet away. This is where luggage and money belts that have built-in RFID protection come into play.

The Peak Gear Belt comes with an advanced RFID blocking system built into the fabric itself. It’s that RFID blocking technology that prevents the electronic theft of information from your cards and e-passport.

Exceptional Quality

The Peak Travel Money Belt is made from durable materials. The money belt is made with 210D Ripstop Nylon, which has a great reputation for long-lasting use. The Peak Travel Money Belt also features heavy duty and jam-free YKK zippers. The zippers are non-metal, to avoid setting off metal detectors at airport security checks. Furthermore, The Peak Travel Money Belt is water resistant. So, it will keep your valuables safe and dry if you get caught out in the rain.

Peak Gear Travel Money Belt

The Peak Gear Travel Money Belt weighs just 2.4 ounces and measures 6 x 0.8 x 4.8 inches. It’s large enough to hold all your small valuable items. But, it’s small enough to conceal under your clothing. The belt is available in two colors; beige or black. It is also available in a choice of sizes.

The Peak gear Travel Money Belt is a good quality money belt that is one of the most highly-rated money belts on the market.

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Peak Gear Travel Money Belt – Summary:
Travel Money Belt with RFID Block - Theft Protection and Global Recovery Tags (Beige-REG)
4,458 Reviews
Travel Money Belt with RFID Block - Theft Protection and Global Recovery Tags (Beige-REG)
  • Ultimate Comfort: Light, comfortable, and slim, this belt is the perfect travel accessory whether you are an occasional airport traveler or an avid backpacker. Unique Comfort Soft strap adjusts snug around the waist to fit both men and women. Two compartments and pockets inside the hidden pouch fit multiple US passports and keeps credit cards organized. The moisture-wick backing will keep the pouch cool against your skin, especially useful for all day use or in warm climates.
  • Invest In Quality: Don?t risk getting stuck while travelling. Premium YKK Zippers (the highest quality on the market), 210D water-resistant nylon, premium stitching and a double-release safety buckle ensure you?ll never have to worry about reliability.
  • Includes Theft Insurance And Lifetime Recovery Service For Lost Items: $250 Theft Insurance to reimburse you if items are stolen. Thanks to a partnership with ReturnMe, the world?s largest lost & found company, also includes 2 Global Recovery Decals. Stick on your phone, passport, camera, etc. and their 24/7 call center will help return lost items from anywhere in the world.
  • No Separate RFID Sleeves Needed: Protect yourself from electronic pickpockets. RFID Block Protection is built right into the fabric of the money belt. Anything you put in the belt will be protected against electronic theft.

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